Kitty Kornered (1946) — Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

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CotD: The first pair­ing of Porky and Sylvester was in 1946’s “Kitty Kornered”; what do you think of the pair?

Kitty Kornered (1946) - Looney Tunes

Kitty Kornered (1946) — Looney Tunes

Kitty Kornered (1946) — Looney Tunes The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

It’s a bat­tle of wills at Porky’s house this win­ter evening, as it’s time for cats to go out for the night. But with the snow on the ground, Porky’s four cats (who all look like Sylvester) have other plans. Porky scares them out of the house for the night, but they get revenge on him by broad­cast­ing news through his radio of fly­ing saucers and Mar­tians land­ing. The cats wind up throw­ing Porky out, and take over his house eat­ing, smok­ing cig­ars and drinking.

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