Always Kickin’ (1939) – Color Classics Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Always Kickin' (1939) - Color Classics

Always Kickin' (1939) - Color Classics

CotD: Fleischer Studios semi-regulars Hunky and Spunky got their start in “Always Kickin’” in the Color Classics Theatrical Cartoon Series.

Always Kickin’ (1939) – Color Classics Theatrical Cartoon Series

Mother donkey Hunky tries to teach her son Spunky how to exercise his back kicks to kick like a “man,” but he doesn’t take it seriously. All that Spunky wants to do is sing along with his little birdy friends. He even tries to fly, but the birds discourage this folly. Suddenly, an ugly hawk swoops down and kidnaps one of the baby birds from its nest. Spunky summons all his courage to climb up a mountain to the hawk’s lair, to confront the bully. Hunky tells Spunky to use his kicking, and Spunky manages to knock the bad bird out cold so that good donkeys and good birds can live happily ever after.

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