The Jungle Book (1967) – Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film

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The Jungle Book (1967)

The Jungle Book (1967)

CotD: Disney took on Rudyard Kipling in “The Jungle Book“, the last feature film Walt Disney actively oversaw.

The Jungle Book (1967) – Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film

Young Mowgli is abandoned in the jungle and raised by wolves, never knowing other humans. When the tiger, Shere Kahn, menaces the jungle, Bagheera, the panther, convinces Mowgli to find a man-village for protection. Along the way, Mowgli befriends Baloo, the bear, and Colonel Haithi, the elephant; and is menaced by King Louie, the ape, and Kaa, the snake, as well as a quartet of vultures. Mowgli ultimately outwits Shere Kahn and decides to remain in the jungle, until a pretty female man-cub turns his head-and Mowgli proceeds directly to the man-village.

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