The Isle Of Pingo Pongo (1938) — Merrie Melodies Cartoon Series

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The Isle Of Pingo Pongo

The Isle Of Pingo Pongo

#CotD: One of WB’s infa­mous Cenored Eleven, “The Isle Of Pingo Pongo” was the first of many Tex Avery Warner Bros. spot-gag-filled par­o­dies of travelogues.

The Isle Of Pingo Pongo (1938) — Mer­rie Melodies Car­toon Series

A trav­el­ogue which gets in all the usual sight gags (“Sand­wich Islands,” “Canary Islands”), it turns down­right mean-spirited when deal­ing with the natives. Ubangi-style lips are served as din­ner plates, lips serve as trum­pets. Fierce drum­mers do a riff on “She’ll Be Com­ing ‘Round the Moun­tain When She Comes,” and a Fats Waller type con­tributes to a scat-style ren­di­tion of “Sweet Geor­gia Brown.”

You can watch “The Isle Of Pingo Pongo” on video at Big Car­toon DataBase

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