Instant Karma” arrives at SPA after several years

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Instant Karma

Instant Karma

It’s taken years for “Instant Karma” to come to Sony Pic­tures Animation.

The stu­dio has picked up rights to the project, to be a CGI/live-action hybrid movie, from New Line, where it had been located since 2003. Ear­lier, the com­edy fan­tasy was at Uni­ver­sal, with Imag­ine producing.

And in turn, Uni­ver­sal and Imag­ine picked up the film out of turn­around from DreamWorks.

The script for Instant Karma was writ­ten by Paul Her­nan­dez, who is also attached to direct.

The movie tells of a New Orleans safe­cracker who under­goes a near-death expe­ri­ence, but is rein­car­nated as a fly. The crook-turned-hero does good deeds to get bet­ter karma. That hap­pens as he reap­pears as sev­eral ani­mals, includ­ing a frog, rac­coon and dog, try­ing to return to his human form and the woman he loves.

New Line was clos­est to launch­ing the project. The stu­dio lined up a voice cast that included Dwayne John­son, Pierce Bros­nan, Mira Sorvino, Eartha Kitt and Gene Wilder.

A grad­u­ate of the in-house Dis­ney pro­gram, Her­nan­dez was a writer on the studio’s 2005 super­hero movie Sky High.

Pirates of the Caribbean writ­ers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio are the film’s producers.

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