Illumination brings its Minions

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The Minions

The Min­ions

The Min­ions — yel­low crea­tures who were Groo’s hench­men for Groo in the ani­mated hit Despi­ca­ble Me — will star in a fea­ture film to be released by Uni­ver­sal in 2014.

For its fifth fea­ture film dis­trib­uted by Uni­ver­sal, Chris Meledandri’s Illu­mi­na­tion Enter­tain­ment is mak­ing a spin­off movie based on the Minions.

As yet unti­tled, the film is an orig­i­nal story that will repeat char­ac­ters that orig­i­nated in Despi­ca­ble Me, but which will intro­duce new char­ac­ters as well. The new movie will fea­ture the yel­low fel­lows’ shenani­gans as they deal with human characters.

Brian Lynch has already writ­ten the script. Pierre Cof­fin has been signed to direct, while Kyle Balda will co-direct. The co-director of Despi­ca­ble Me, Cof­fin is direct­ing the sequel with Chris Renaud. Both will do the voices for the Min­ions as well. Balda and Renaud co-directed Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax for Illu­mi­na­tion Entertainment.

Meledan­dri and Janet Healy will pro­duce the Min­ions film. Renaud is the exec­u­tive producer.

CG 3D ani­ma­tion will be done in Paris by Illu­mi­na­tion Mac Guff, which Uni­ver­sal pur­chased last fall to do the work for Illumination’s fam­ily films

With a $69 mil­lion bud­get, Despi­ca­ble Me (2010) grossed over $540 mil­lion world­wide. It then became the Orlando theme park ride Despi­ca­ble Me Min­ion Mayhem.

Pre-production on the unti­tled Min­ions film will delib­er­ately coin­cide with pro­duc­tion of the sequel Despi­ca­ble Me 2 so that the movies can come out a year apart.

Now in pro­duc­tion, Despi­ca­ble Me 2 will be released July 3, 2013. The sequel fea­tures the return of Steve Carell, while Kris­ten Wiig and Al Pacino will also be in the voice cast.

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