The House Of Tomorrow (1949) — MGM Theatrical Short

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The House Of Tomorrow

The House Of Tomorrow

#CotD: The first of four of Tex Avery’s “Tomor­row Themes” car­toons, “The House Of Tomor­row” was a trend-setter pre­dict­ing the future.

The House Of Tomor­row (1949) — MGM The­atri­cal Short

One of Tex Avery’s “Tomor­row Themes” which fea­tured the “house of the future” with many cus­tom and adjustable gad­gets around the house, such as a record changer that starts throw­ing the records against the wall. But the accom­mo­da­tions for the mother-in-law (includ­ing a med­i­cine cab­i­net) is the real sell­ing point.

You can watch “The House Of Tomor­row” on video at Big Car­toon DataBase

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