Hooked Bear (1956) — Humphrey Bear Cartoon Series

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Hooked Bear

Hooked Bear

CotD: First appear­ing in the Goofy car­toon Hold That Pose, Humphrey the Bear was in “Hooked Bear” was a big, dumb, oppor­tunis­tic, neu­rotic brown bear who lives in Brown­stone National Park.

Hooked Bear (1956) — Humphrey Bear Car­toon Series

It’s fish­ing sea­son! Ranger Wood­lore attempts to keep Humphrey the bear from fish­ing, with the human fish­er­man telling him to “go fish like a bear.” Ranger Wood­lore is stock­ing the lake, much to Humphrey’s delight as he tries to inter­cept a meal intended for the anglers. Humphrey keeps look­ing for an eas­ier way, but his attempts only end in dis­as­ter. Before he knows it, fish­ing sea­son is over, and bear hunt­ing sea­son is beginning.

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