Homer Simpson-shaped glue blob sells for $238,800

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Homer Glue Blob

Homer Glue Blob

Homer Simpson’s image on a blob of dried glue has attracted lots of d’oh.

When the auction for the lookalike glue-blob of The Simpson’s character closed Monday, the item sold for the equivalent of $238,800 U.S.

London-based seller Christopher Herbert said he couldn’t believe it when Simpsons fans began making offers. He found the blob while cleaning his stationery cupboard. He listed it on eBay only after his girlfriend noticed it had a slight resemblance to Homer, including the cartoon dad’s big eyes and oval head.

Herbert started the bidding at only 99p ($1.61), listing the item more for fun than anything else. In the listing, Herbert called the curiosity the “missing piece” in any Simpsons fan’s collection and said that it was “made naturally by an overflowing tube of Uhu glue!”

“I’ve never actually sold anything on (eBay) before, so I thought I’d just stick it on for a bit of a joke, to be honest,” said Herbert, 36.

“I didn’t think anyone would actually bid for an old bit of dried glue, even one that looks like Homer Simpson,” he remarked. “I’m absolutely amazed and very, very pleased and happy and wondering what to spend the money on.”

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