A Hick A Slick And A Chick (1948) — Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon

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CotD: One of Art Davis’ car­toons first appeared on this date in 1948– what do you think of “A Hick A Slick And A Chick”

A Hick A Slick And A Chick (1948) - Merrie Melodies

A Hick A Slick And A Chick (1948) — Mer­rie Melodies

A Hick A Slick And A Chick (1948) — Mer­rie Melodies The­atri­cal Cartoon

Elmo (the Hick) gets all slicked up and arrives at his girl’s house in the city by hub­cap. He catches Blackie (the Slick) kiss­ing Daisy Lou (the Chick), and he starts a com­pe­ti­tion with Blackie for Daisy’s affec­tion. Elmo brings in a hand­ful of flow­ers; Blackie brings in a florist’s shop full. Elmo plays the jaw harp; Blackie plays a piano con­certo. Blackie then punches Elmo across the street. Blackie brings Daisy a mink coat, but Elmo says he’ll bring back ermine. Elmo acci­den­tally gets drunk, and spots a Sylvester-like cat called Her­man. They fight, and Elmo knocks him out. Elmo presents Daisy with an ermine coat, and Blackie won­ders where he got ermine. The cat says, “Don’t get nosey, Junior!” in a Jimmy Durante voice, and turns to show the coat-shaped cutout on his rear end. The car­toon irises out in a coat shape.

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