Gulliver’s Travels (1939) — Fleischer Studios Feature Animated Film

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Gulliver's Travels (1939) - Fleischer Studios

Gulliver’s Trav­els (1939) — Fleis­cher Studios

CotD: Yes­ter­day we had Snow White; two years and a day later, “Gulliver’s Trav­els” was released.… the sec­ond fully ani­mated fea­ture film.

Gulliver’s Trav­els (1939) — Fleis­cher Stu­dios Fea­ture Ani­mated Film

Ship­wrecked by a storm at sea, normal-sized Lemuel Gul­liver washes up on the shore of Lil­liput, where the cit­i­zens are no larger than Gulliver’s thumb.

Dis­cov­ered by excitable town crier (and gen­eral fuss-budget) Gabby, Gul­liver is roped to the ground by Lil­liputians, only to escape with ease upon wak­ing up. While long­ing to head home to Eng­land, Gul­liver becomes involved in a feud between Lilliput’s King Lit­tle and Blefuscu’s King Bombo. On the eve of the wed­ding between Little’s daugh­ter, Princess Glory, and Bombo’s son, Prince David, the two mon­archs have a falling-out over which national anthem will be played at the ceremony.

Gul­liver attempts to pre­vent war between Lil­liput and equally minus­cule rival Ble­fuscu, as well as smooth the way for the romance between David and Glory. In this, he is alter­nately aided and ham­pered by Gabby.

After a series of mis­un­der­stand­ings and intrigues, Gul­liver solves everyone’s prob­lems by sug­gest­ing that both anthems be played together, result­ing in the song “Faith­ful Forever.”

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