Goliath II (1960) — Theatrical Cartoon

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Goliath II (1960) - Theatrical Cartoon

Goliath II (1960) — The­atri­cal Cartoon

CotD: Disney’s first short to use the new Xerox process for trans­fer­ring the pen­cil draw­ings to cels was “Goliath II”, an Acad­emy Award Nominee.

Goliath II (1960) — The­atri­cal Cartoon

Goliath is a minia­ture ele­phant who is ostra­cized from the herd because of his size. But his size comes in handy when he has to res­cue the herd from an invader: a mouse!

Watch “Goliath II ” on video at Big Car­toon DataBase

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