Gerald McBoing Boing (1951) — Jolly Frolics Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Gerald McBoing Boing (1951) - Jolly Frolics

Ger­ald McBo­ing Boing (1951) — Jolly Frolics

CotD: The short that kicked off UPA’s first series, “Ger­ald McBo­ing Boing” was based on a story by children’s author Dr. Seuss.

Ger­ald McBo­ing Boing (1951) — Jolly Frol­ics The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Ger­ald, who doesn’t speak words but goes “boing boing” instead, finds his tal­ents unap­pre­ci­ated by fam­ily and friends, and so he runs away from home. How­ever, a kindly radio sta­tion boss is quick to spot his potential…

At age 2, the lit­tle boy, instead of start­ing to talk, pro­duces sound effects. The des­per­ate father calls on Dr. Mal­one, who, after exam­in­ing Ger­ald, declares that there’s noth­ing he can do. The par­ents are con­stantly being scared by Ger­ald, so they send him to school, hop­ing that he’ll learn words, but he’s sent home. When he tries to play with boys and girls, he’s rejected.

Depressed, Ger­ald runs away from home, but he’s found by a radio pro­gram pro­ducer, who hires him to do sound effects for his pro­grams. As the announcer describes the action, Ger­ald pro­duces the appro­pri­ate sound effects, using a script. He becomes a big hit, sign­ing auto­graphs for his fans, and his now-proud par­ents accom­pany him in a gigan­tic new car.

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