Full Paperman Cartoon Short Released On Internet

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Dis­ney short and Oscar con­tender Paper­man has hit the Inter­nets. Yes­ter­day, Dis­ney released the full short, uncut, on the Inter­net on Huff­in­g­ton Post and Youtube. Directed by John Kahrs, the film is impor­tant because it com­bines the art of hand-drawn, 2D ani­ma­tion with the qual­ity of com­puter ani­ma­tion seam­lessly. The short made it’s the­atri­cal debut paired with Wreck-It Ralph on Novem­ber 2, 2012.

A rel­a­tively sim­ple tale of a boy meets girl chance encounter leads to the hero des­per­ately attempt­ing to re-introduce him­self to a pretty girl via the medium of paper planes from his office sky­scraper to hers. His failed attempts and pas­sion for his orig­i­nal goal man­i­fest in the hun­dreds of dis­carded planes as they try to guide, prod, poke and shove him towards his des­ti­na­tion whilst gen­tly per­suad­ing the goal of his affec­tions along to a pos­si­ble rec­on­cil­i­a­tion too.

Pre­miered at the Annecy Film Fes­ti­val in France. Gen­eral release was with Wreck-It Ralph on Novem­ber 2, 2012.

Blend of 2D and CGI using Mean­der software.

This is John Kahrs’ first film as a director.

Kahrs said that the con­cept for the short mate­ri­al­ized when he was work­ing as an ani­ma­tor at Blue Sky Stu­dios. Kahrs went on to say, “We brought together as best we could the expres­sive­ness of 2D draw­ing immersed with the sta­bil­ity and dimen­sion­al­ity of CG. It really goes back to work­ing with Glen Keane on Tan­gled, watch­ing him draw over all the images.”

The youtube video of the acclaimed short is avail­able on our site from the Paper­man Video page.

Other con­tenders for this years Best Ani­mated Short Oscar include:

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Fresh Gua­camole (dir. PES, U.S.A.)
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Head Over Heels (dir. Tim­o­thy Reckart, United King­dom)
After many years of mar­riage, Wal­ter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceil­ing. When Wal­ter dis­cov­ers a long-lost memento of their wed­ding day, he tries to reignite their old romance. But it brings their equi­lib­rium crash­ing down, and the cou­ple that can’t agree which way is up must find a way to put their mar­riage back

Mag­gie Simp­son in “The Longest Day­care” (dir. David Sil­ver­man, U.S.A.)
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