Frog Jog (1972) — Tijuana Toads Cartoon Series

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Frog Jog

Frog Jog

CotD: Pon­cho and Toro, the Tijuana Toads in “Frog Jog” were renamed Fatso and Banjo when the the­atri­cal series made it’s way to TV.

Frog Jog (1972) — Tijuana Toads Car­toon Series

Toro’s girl­friend finds Toro too fat, so he starts work­ing out. When his girl­friend goes out with Pan­cho, Toro des­per­ately asks an ani­ma­tor to draw Toro skinny, but instead, the ani­ma­tor draws Toro small, and Pan­cho and his girl­friend tries to step on him. Then Toro wakes up. It turns out that he had a nightmare.

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