The Friendly Ghost (1945) — Noveltoons Theatrical

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The Friendly Ghost (1945) - Noveltoons

The Friendly Ghost (1945) — Noveltoons

CotD: First shown the­atri­cally as a Nov­el­toon, “The Friendly Ghost” intro­duced Casper the Friendly Ghost who later got his own series, and tele­vi­sion show.

The Friendly Ghost (1945) — Nov­el­toons The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Casper runs away from home and the other ghosts there to explore the world and make friends. After unin­ten­tion­ally scar­ing away sev­eral dif­fer­ent ani­mals, he decides to end it all by lay­ing on the rail­road tracks in front of a speed­ing loco­mo­tive. Fail­ing that, two chil­dren, Bon­nie and Johnny, find him cry­ing on the tracks and befriend him.

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