French Disney voice actor Jean Stout dead at 78

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Jean Stout

Jean Stout

Singer Jean Stout, who lent his tal­ents to many French dubs of Dis­ney car­toon movies, died April 10 in his native France, just three days short of his 79th birthday.

Stout was a singer and reg­u­lar soloist in almost all Dis­ney sound­tracks from The Jun­gle Book (1967) until the early 2000s. His last dub­bing role was for a re-release of 1937’s Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

In The Jun­gle Book, he pro­vided the singing voice of Baloo. Stout also lent his beau­ti­ful, deep singing voice to the char­ac­ter of Shere Kahn, per­form­ing at the end of the sequence involv­ing a quar­tet of vultures.

Stout was the singing voice of Lit­tle John in Robin Hood(1973); Owl, Piglet and Eey­ore in 1980s Win­nie The Pooh films; and the spo­ken and singing voice of Tony the cook in the sec­ond Ital­ian dub, released in 1989, of Lady And The Tramp (1955).

His work for Dis­ney began in the mid-1960s, when he did voiceover work for doc­u­men­taries. Encour­aged by Jean Cus­sac, he passed the audi­tions for the singing voice of Baloo in the French release of The Jun­gle Book, which came a year after the orig­i­nal English-language version.

He sang in two car­toon film adap­ta­tions of the pop­u­lar Lucky Luke comic books: in 1971’s Daisy Town, per­form­ing “Dalton’s Theme,” and in 1978’s La Bal­lade des Dal­ton (The Bal­lad of the Dal­tons), as a mem­ber of the cho­rus in the title tune.

Born in Gironde, Aquitain on April 13, 1933, Stout moved in the 1950s to Paris, where his bass voice soon became a major suc­cess. He became the only bass dur­ing the “golden years” of French music in the 1960–70 period, per­form­ing on stu­dio record­ings, TV shows and tours.

Stout retired because gigs for film dub­bing requir­ing low vocals were becom­ing scarcer.

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