French Disney voice actor Jean Stout dead at 78

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Jean Stout

Jean Stout

Singer Jean Stout, who lent his talents to many French dubs of Disney cartoon movies, died April 10 in his native France, just three days short of his 79th birthday.

Stout was a singer and regular soloist in almost all Disney soundtracks from The Jungle Book (1967) until the early 2000s. His last dubbing role was for a re-release of 1937’s Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

In The Jungle Book, he provided the singing voice of Baloo. Stout also lent his beautiful, deep singing voice to the character of Shere Kahn, performing at the end of the sequence involving a quartet of vultures.

Stout was the singing voice of Little John in Robin Hood(1973); Owl, Piglet and Eeyore in 1980s Winnie The Pooh films; and the spoken and singing voice of Tony the cook in the second Italian dub, released in 1989, of Lady And The Tramp (1955).

His work for Disney began in the mid-1960s, when he did voiceover work for documentaries. Encouraged by Jean Cussac, he passed the auditions for the singing voice of Baloo in the French release of The Jungle Book, which came a year after the original English-language version.

He sang in two cartoon film adaptations of the popular Lucky Luke comic books: in 1971’s Daisy Town, performing “Dalton’s Theme,” and in 1978’s La Ballade des Dalton (The Ballad of the Daltons), as a member of the chorus in the title tune.

Born in Gironde, Aquitain on April 13, 1933, Stout moved in the 1950s to Paris, where his bass voice soon became a major success. He became the only bass during the “golden years” of French music in the 1960-70 period, performing on studio recordings, TV shows and tours.

Stout retired because gigs for film dubbing requiring low vocals were becoming scarcer.

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