Frankenweenie Trailer Out

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Frankenweenie (2012)

Franken­wee­nie (2012)

Ready for a first look at Tim Burton’s remake  of Franken­wee­nie? Just released, the first trailer from this stop-motion film due out later this year.

Franken­wee­nie tells the story of a boy named Vic­tor loses his dog and uses the power of sci­ence to bring it back to life. Once the oth­ers learn of his secret, they set out to cre­ate their own mon­sters, each based on their respec­tive pets and personalities.

A remake of Tim Burton’s ear­lier short film Franken­wee­nie. Like the 1984 ver­sion, it is a par­ody of and an homage to the clas­sic 1931 hor­ror film Franken­stein. The film is shot in stop-motion ani­ma­tion, much like Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride and The Night­mare Before Christ­mas.

The film will hit the­aters on Octo­ber 5th, and will be released in Dis­ney 3D in selected theaters.

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