Fox adding “Allen Gregory,” “Napoleon Dynamite”

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Allen Gregory

Allen Gregory

Allen Gregory” is the new animated comedy joining Fox’s Sunday Animation Domination lineup this fall, the network announced Monday during its annual programming presentation at The New Beacon Theatre in New York.

Created by and featuring the voice of Jonah Hill (Get Him to the Greek, Superbad), Allen Gregory is the story of an extremely pretentious 7-year-old about to embark on his greatest challenge yet: leaving the safety of homeschooling and attending elementary school with children his own age. It’ll air from 8:30 to 9 p.m. Sundays.

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

Based on the hit cult classic and featuring the voices of the film’s original cast, Napoleon Dynamite is the new animated comedy premiering in midseason. The series follows the continuing adventures of Napoleon Dynamite, America’s most awesomely awkward teenager, and his quirky family and friends as they navigate life in rural Idaho. It’ll be seen from 8:30 to 9 p.m. Sundays as well.

When he looks in the mirror, Allen Gregory de Longpre doesn’t see a child. He sees a young man who is intelligent, sophisticated, worldly, artistic and romantic — characteristics he inherited from his doting father Richard (French Stewart, Private Practice, 3rd Rock from the Sun).

The pair share an extraordinary father-son bond — a bond that is sometimes annoyingly interrupted by Richard’s life partner Jeremy (Nat Faxon, The Cleveland Show, Reno 911!), for whom Allen Gregory has minimal respect, if any at all. They live together in a stunning architectural loft, along with Julie (Joy Osmanski, Grey’s Anatomy), Allen Gregory’s adopted Cambodian sister.

Although Allen Gregory has allegedly composed operas, written novels and dated Chloe Sevigny, he’s about to embark on his greatest challenge yet: leaving the safety of his father’s homeschooling and attending elementary school with children his own age. His journey will be a struggle, not only with the other kids at school, but with the faculty as well.

Whether it’s the all-out rivalry with Gina Winthrop (guest voice Leslie Mann, Funny People), his by-the-book second grade teacher; his unique relationship with Judith Gottlieb (guest voice Renée Taylor, How I Met Your Mother), his 68-year-old principal; or his desperate desire to be best friends with Joel Zadak (guest voice Jake Johnson, Get Him to the Greek), the school’s popular stud, Allen Gregory has his work cut out for him.

With the help of his trusty friend and assistant Patrick Vanderweel (Cristina Pucelli, Finley The Fire Engine) and the support of Superintendent Stewart Rossmyre (Will Forte, Saturday Night Live), who believes the De Longpres are a tremendous asset to the school, Allen Gregory won’t have to get his hands too dirty. Allen Gregory is about an outsider. And while he may put on a tough exterior, deep down, all Allen Gregory wants is to fit in. Well, that, and for Julie to run away and never be seen or heard from again. And Jeremy, too.

Produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Chernin Entertainment, Allen Gregory was created by Hill, Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul. Executive producers are Hill, Mogel, Paul, Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope and David A. Goodman.

The original cast from Napoleon Dynamite — Jon Heder, Aaron Ruell, Efren Ramirez, Tina Majorino, Sandy Martin, Jon Gries and Diedrich Bader — will voice their characters in the series of the same name, and many new characters will be added along the way.

Napoleon Dynamite (Heder) is a 16-year-old boy convinced — for no apparent reason — that he is destined for greatness and blessed with unlimited “sweet abilities.” He spends his days practicing ninja moves, drawing ligers, soul dancing, and bragging about his “girlfriend in Oklahoma” whom nobody has ever seen. Napoleon’s brother Kip (Ruell) is an unemployed 32-year-old who lives at home and believes he would be an amazing catch for any girl who would respond to his online come-ons.

The Dynamite brothers live with Grandma (Martin), a crusty woman who can often be found four-wheeling with her lady friends at the local sand dunes. Napoleon’s allies include Pedro (Ramirez), his unflappable best friend who has recently been elected class president; and Deb (Majorino), an incredibly sweet girl who sees the good in Napoleon and dreams of someday being his wife.

Napoleon’s Uncle Rico (Gries) lives out of an orange custom van, where he obsesses over his botched high school football career and dreams up ways to become rich and famous. Then there’s Rex Kwon Do (Bader), a self-proclaimed martial-arts master who runs the local dojo. Guest voices in the debut season include Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie, Legally Blonde), Sam Rockwell (Choke) and Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords).

Napoleon Dynamite is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. Jared Hess, Jerusha Hess and Mike Scully are the creators/executive producers.

Fox series returning in 2011-12 include American Dad! (Season 7), Bob’s Burgers (Season 2), The Cleveland Show (Season 3), Family Guy (Season 9), and The Simpsons (Season 23).

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Allen Gregory

Napoleon Dynamite

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