The Fifth-Column Mouse (1943) – Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Fifth-Column Mouse

Fifth-Column Mouse

CotD: Friz gives us his version of an old Harmon-Ising style cartoon with “The Fifth-Column Mouse” updated to World War II themes.

The Fifth-Column Mouse (1943) – Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon Series

In the kitchen, a trio of mice are singing “Ain’t We Got Fun” and floating on a bar of soap in the sink. A “friendly” cat bursts in and starts attacking the mice. He corners one of them and offers him a bribe of cheese to let him join the mouse pack.

The cat tells the mouse that he can have all the cheese he wants if he will convince the other mice to be the cat’s slaves. Unfortunately, the mouse accepts and puts his friends in danger. The cat uses trickery to catch and enslave the mice (he convinces them to serve him and he won’t eat them).

The cat is waited on hand and foot by the mice. When he announces that he wants a “nice, fat, tender mouse” for dinner, they realize that they’ve been betrayed. Instead of panicking, the brave mice, to the song “We Did It Before (And We Can Do It Again),” organize an army to fight the cat.

The mouse army prepares for battle and comes up with an attack plan. The mice build a marvelous robot mechanical bulldog with extending chomping teeth. The robotic bulldog chases the cat. The mice then shave him with an electric razor, leaving only a dot-dot-dot-dash pattern, which stands for the letter V (signifying victory) in Morse code. The cat runs away and the mice win!

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