Fanboy and Chum Chum” Voicers Don Capes and… Underwear?

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Fanboy and Chum Chum

Fan­boy and Chum Chum

Fan­boy and Chum Chum” voice artists Jamie Kennedy and Josh Duhamel threw on some capes and under­wear for an upcom­ing promo of their Emmy Award-winning Nick­elodeon ani­mated series. Josh voices the role of Oz (Fanboy’s uber-geek men­tor) and Jamie voices Fanboy’s untrust­ing wiz­ard friend, Kyle. This is the first time both gen­tle­men appear together in sup­port of their show.

This promo (as well as other Jamie/Josh pro­mos) will debut on our air this Sat­ur­day, August 6 around all-new episodes of their series, but we have a pre­view for you today. Link here for the video!

UPDATE: Looks like things have changed. The full pro­mos will now air in late August, start­ing on August 27th. Hope­fully the promo video will hold you until then!

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