Falling Hare (1943) – Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Falling Hare (1943) - Merrie Melodies

Falling Hare (1943) - Merrie Melodies

CotD: “Falling Hare” is a rare WB cartoon indeed; The only Bugs Bunny cartoon to fall through the cracks and lose its copyright protection.

Falling Hare (1943) – Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon Series

Working at a U.S. Army Airfield under the banner “Victory Through Hare Power,” the Master Heckler finally meets his match.

While reading a book about gremlins- tiny creatures who sabotage (“saba-tog-ee,” says Bugs) military aircraft- Bugs Bunny happens upon one such creature, calmly attempting to detonate a blockbuster bomb with a mallet. An unusually gullible Bugs chases the gremlin into a bomber, which, of course, winds up airborne and out of control.

The plane finally plummets earthward, giving Bugs the chance to express his mortal fear in a dozen different amusing ways. Fortunately, the plane runs out of gas just inches away from impact.

Watch “Falling Hare” on video at Big Cartoon DataBase

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