An Elephant Never Forgets (1934) — Color Classics Theatrical Cartoon Series

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An Elephant Never Forgets (1934) - Color Classics

An Ele­phant Never For­gets (1934) — Color Classics

CotD: The early Two-Strip Tech­ni­color car­toon “An Ele­phant Never For­gets” make use of the three-dimensional back­ground effect achieved through use of a revolv­ing turntable set up behind the cel screen.

An Ele­phant Never For­gets (1934) — Color Clas­sics The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Ani­mal chil­dren ship off to school in their daily rou­tine, then go through their lessons in a musi­cal review led by their duck teacher. Every­one remem­bers the rou­tine but the ele­phant. May­hem envelops the school­room every time that the myopic teacher turns his back.

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