Eagle One & CAPCOM Team On New Street Fighter Video

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Street Fighter: The New Challengers

Street Fighter: The New Challengers

Eagle One Media is proud to announce the upcom­ing August 2nd 2011 release of its lat­est ani­mated comic video pro­duc­tion Street Fighter: The New Chal­lengers. Based on the ever pop­u­lar CAPCOM video game fran­chise and Udon Stu­dio best sell­ing comic book series this new 90 minute Street Fighter video fea­ture will be released as a stand­alone DVD and offered in a spe­cial col­lec­tor bun­dle package.

In Street Fighter: The New Chal­lengers the epic saga con­tin­ues as Ryu begins his jour­ney around the world, Cammy’s quest to dis­cover her past takes a num­ber of unex­pected turns, Chun-Li’s inves­ti­ga­tion into Shadaloo takes her from the depths of the Hong Kong under­world to the jun­gles of Brazil, and Ken must con­tend with a venge­ful Vega who wants noth­ing but to turn Ken’s wed­ding shower into a blood­bath. Many famil­iar faces from the Street Fighter uni­verse return includ­ing US Spe­cial Ops Guile and the spunky and deter­mined school­girl Sakura, while fan-favorites such as Fei-Long, Gen, Bal­rog, Blanka, and team Delta Red make their debut.

Street Fighter: The New Chal­lengers will be offered to Street Fighter fans in two unique con­sumer prod­ucts. As a stand­alone DVD release or with a Lim­ited Edi­tion Ryu Street Fighter T-shirt spe­cially pro­duced for this video release.

A 4+ minute video clip can be viewed at YouTube, at the offi­cial CAPCOM
web­site, and at the BCDB Video Page for this show.

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