Drooler’s Delight (1949) — Woody Woodpecker Theatrical Cartoon Serie

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Drooler's Delight

Drooler’s Delight

CotD: Ben Hard­away last voiced Woody Wood­pecker in “Drooler’s Delight; Grace Stafford would voice the rest of the Woody shorts pro­duced by her hus­band Wal­ter Lantz.

Drooler’s Delight (1949) — Woody Wood­pecker The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Woody Wood­pecker, suf­fer­ing from heat and com­mer­cials, plans to spend his last quar­ter to cool off with a “super-duper delight ice cream soda,” the “Drooler’s Delight,” but con man Buzz Buz­zard has other ideas. Woody finds that he must out­smart Buzz on his way to the fountain.

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