DreamWorks Animation Dragons Fly To Netflix

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dragons1DreamWorks Animation’s Dragons: Defenders of Berk (which was called it’s premiere year) is making an even bigger change for it’s third season. According to Hollywood Reporter, after the second season ends its fun next March on Cartoon Network, the Dragons will fly over to the Internet Streaming service Netflix for the third season. The new installments will be available beginning in spring 2015, and if Netflix remains true to form, at least six episodes will be immediately available in the initial release.

The series- which has aired for two seasons and 40 episodes on Cartoon Network- is based on the feature film How To Train Your Dragon, and the sequel How To Train Your Dragon 2 which will hit US theaters in two weeks. Dragons joins King Julien, , and as DreamWorks Animation products on the streaming service. DreamWorks is the only animation studio exploiting online distribution for it’s animated products to date.

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