Somewhere In Dreamland (1936) — Color Classics Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Somewhere In Dreamland (1936) - Color Classics

Some­where In Dream­land (1936) — Color Classics

CotD: “Some­where In Dream­land ” was Fleis­cher Stu­dios first car­toon filmed com­pletely in Technicolor.

Some­where In Dream­land (1936) — Color Clas­sics The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

A poignant story of two poor chil­dren who are out col­lect­ing fire­wood when they pass by a toy store, mar­ket and finally a bak­ery. They drool over the wares in the bak­ery win­dow but walk away before the owner can come out and present them with two cup­cakes. The kids go home and eat a mea­ger sup­per before going to bed. They both dream they are in dream­land, where every­thing is free-cookies, candy, cakes, pop­corn and toys. When they wake up, it’s all gone, but the three mer­chants have stopped by to lay out a huge feast for them. Lovely story with time­less music.

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