Double Trailers from DreamWorks Animation

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home_titleRemember last month when DreamWorks pulled the old switcheroo with a couple films? Monday DreamWorks released the first trailers for both films… 2014’s The Penguins of Madagascar and 2015’s Home. DreamWorks does not have a record of incredible trailers, and these continue that trend. Neither film looks to be the hit that the studio needs after the lackluster open of How to Train Your Dragon 2 last week, which only came in second with about a 50 million dollar open.

As the name implies, The Penguins of Madagascar is a spin-off of the Madagascar series focusing on the Penguins. The penguins were first spun-off in the 2009-2011 series on Nick, and received generally good reviews. But can they carry a whole film? Time will tell.

Home is a fea­ture film directed by Tim John­son and based on the children’s book The True Mean­ing of Smek­day. Jim Parsons as Oh seems fun enough, but having stars from other mediums- in this case, Rihanna as Tip- reminds us why voice acting is a profession and not just a hobby.

The videos are up on their respective pages. Let us know what you think!

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