Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Concept Art

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Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph

We now have a peek at Disney’s next ani­mated fea­ture, Wreck-It Ralph. Walt Dis­ney Ani­ma­tion Stu­dios has released three pieces of con­cept art from the upcom­ing fea­ture. The pic­tures are on this page and have been added the images to the Pic­tures Page of Wreck-It Ralph’s page at BCDB.

Wreck-It Ralph tells the story of an arcade game Bad Guy deter­mined to prove that he can be a Good Guy. Ralph sneaks into the game with a sim­ple plan — win a medal — but soon wrecks every­thing, and acci­den­tally unleashes a deadly enemy that threat­ens every game in the arcade. Ralph’s only hope? Vanel­lope von Schweetz, a young trou­ble­mak­ing “glitch” from a candy-coated cart rac­ing game.

Ed Cat­mull, cur­rent pres­i­dent of Walt Dis­ney Ani­ma­tion Stu­dios, has announced a new direc­tion in the stu­dios ani­mated film out­put. He feels the stu­dio has reached the lim­its of princess film genre, and that until “some­one has a fresh take on it … but we don’t have any other musi­cals or fairy­tales lined up.”

Wreck-It Ralph is slated for release on Novem­ber 02, 2012. The film was orig­i­nally sched­uled for release on March 12, 2013. It was then moved to Novem­ber 2, 2012 — the orig­i­nal release date for Pixar-Disney’s “Mon­sters Uni­ver­sity.”

As with most Dis­ney films these days, it is 3D computer-generated film; to be pre­sented in Dis­ney Dig­i­tal 3D in selected theaters.

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph” takes place in the world of arcade video games and fea­tures the brightly col­ored, decep­tively sweet game of “Sugar Rush,” in which com­peti­tors race candy go-karts around a world make entirely of edi­ble sweets.

Wreck-It Ralph

Video game “Hero’s Duty,” a sci-fi, first-person shooter in which a pla­toon of sol­diers must bat­tle mutant Cy-Bugs that threaten the safety of the universe.

Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) spends his lonely evenings gaz­ing at the apart­ment build­ing that it’s his job to destroy.

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