Disney’s Tangled (Review)

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I went out to Have­lock North to see this film. I could have seen it in Napier but I wanted to see the film that fol­lowed this one so it made sense to see both at the same theater.

I went to the 5.30 p.m ses­sion on Jan­u­ary 2nd. There were four chil­dren who went ahead of me. The woman on the counter called me ‘a big kid’ for see­ing Tan­gled.

Her com­ment again high­lights so much adult prej­u­dice with ani­ma­tion. It is just not the sole domain of chil­dren. In the film Rapun­zel is almost eigh­teen. The kids watch­ing it with me were no older then ten. What do they know about being a teenager? I, as an, adult had more under­stand­ing of the char­ac­ters than a child could.

I really can’t fig­ure this men­tally out. There is just a raft of good qual­ity ani­ma­tion com­ing out and most adults don’t really real­ize what they are miss­ing. As I’ve said pre­vi­ously I love ani­ma­tion. It, like hor­rors, west­erns, dra­mas, etc, are a genre, and like all gen­res there is the good, the aver­age, and the awful.

Tan­gle is in the good cat­e­gory . In my opin­ion it is one of the best ani­mated Dis­ney films in some years. The ani­ma­tion is just bril­liant, the songs are snappy, and the humor is of a very high stan­dard. I just can’t fault any­thing in this film. I truly loved it. In fact so much so I have since seen it again here in Napier! My two nephews raved about it and I have found the chil­dren I’ve spo­ken to have been pos­i­tive towards it. The few adults who have seen it have been full of praise.

It really is the Dis­ney stu­dio at their very best. Rapun­zel is a lovely char­ac­ter with an unbe­liev­ably neat lit­tle fig­ure!! But my favorite char­ac­ter was Max­imus the horse. I find that no other stu­dio human­izes ani­mals and makes them a stand alone char­ac­ter like Dis­ney. Max­imus is a great exam­ple of this. He starts out being tough and staunch but as the rela­tion­ship between Flynn Rider and Rapun­zel deep­ens his heart soft­ens. At first he and Rider hate each other and con­stantly fight, which brings some of the fun­ni­est moments of the film.

Like all ani­ma­tion it has the moral tone. It is very sub­tle and in my expe­ri­ence most kids never pick it up. They like ani­ma­tion for the humor, and I have always found that is what kids talk about after a film. But I aren’t say­ing it shouldn’t be there. It adds to a sto­ry­line and kids shouldn’t be sub­jected to the com­pli­ca­tions of the adult world. So the moral­ity is a good thing.

It is in a nut shell a film every­one can watch. It is aimed as a fam­ily film but any­one of any age will enjoy it. It is an ani­mated film of the high­est qual­ity, in fact I don’t think they come much better!

See it and enjoy, as it will not disappoint!!!

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