Disney’s Golden Anniversary Of Snow White (1955) — Disney Special

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Disney's Golden Anniversary Of Snow White

Disney’s Golden Anniver­sary Of Snow White

#CotD: Fifty years after Walt Disney’s first fea­ture length ani­mated film hit the­aters, “Disney’s Golden Anniver­sary Of Snow White” looks at the legacy of the film.

Disney’s Golden Anniver­sary Of Snow White (1955) — Dis­ney Special

Host Dick Van Dyke takes a look back at Walt Disney’s sem­i­nal motion pic­ture Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs in this TV spe­cial mark­ing the fifti­eth anniver­sary of the films released. The spe­cial induced the first air­ing of the Dwarves infa­mous “Soup Scene” which was ani­mated but never made it into the final film.

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