#4: Dumbo

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Dis­ney Clas­sic Era

# 4: BCDB List of Disney Animated Films

Num­ber four on the list is the short­est of all Dis­ney ani­mated fea­tures– Dumbo; weigh­ing in at a mere 64 min­utes, some say it does not even qual­ify as a fea­ture. Well, Dis­ney counts it! This movie was also an Oscar win­ner for the stu­dio, and released on Octo­ber 23, 1941.

After the expen­sive box-office fail­ures of “Pinoc­chio” and “Fan­ta­sia,” Dis­ney Stu­dios made sure to keep Dumbo’s pro­duc­tion costs low (at $813,000, it’s the least expen­sive Dis­ney ani­mated fea­ture), and audi­ences demon­strated that a well-told story doesn’t need a big bud­get: “Dumbo” grossed over $2.5 mil­lion in its orig­i­nal release (more than “Pinoc­chio” and “Fan­ta­sia” com­bined). Dumbo and Snow White were the only two pre-1943 Dis­ney fea­tures to turn a profit for Disney.

Dumbo” is beloved by many, but per­haps no endorse­ment is stronger than this: it was Walt Disney’s own favorite among films made by his studio.

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