#21: Robin Hood -

#21: Robin Hood

The Dis­ney Dark Age

# 21: BCDB List of Disney Animated Films

1973 brought us the Disney version of Robin Hood, number 21 on the List. This started as a concept for a Reynard the red fox film. Writer Ken Anderson took some basic Reynard story ideas and mixed it into an animal retelling of the Robin Hood tale.

The film was produced on a very small budget of only 1 1/2 million dollars. Because of that, anywhere they could, the director reused earlier animation. Scenes of the Merry Men dancing reuses animation from Snow White dancing with the dwarfs. Interestingly, some animation of Little John was re-purposed bits from The Jungle Book of Baloo. It is interesting because Phil Harris voiced both characters.

Legendary animator Gary Goldman began his career in 1972 with Walt Disney Productions on this film as a rough assistant animator to supervising animator Frank Thomas.

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