#12: Cinderella -

#12: Cinderella

Dis­ney Silver Era

# 12: BCDB List of Disney Animated Films

It took twelve years for Disney to finally return to the Princess story, the type of film that would be the bread and butter of the company from February 15, 1950 forward… that is, the day Cinderella was first released.

It was with Cinderella that the Disney Company found it’s niche. At the same time, the animators were at the top of their game. It all came together here- cute songs (including Academy Award Nominee “Bibbidy-Bobbidi-Boo“), cute animal side-kicks, evil step-mother, magic, romance and a handsome prince.

Disney seems to have progressed to a more beautiful color palette here, too… away from the dreary colors of films like The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mister Toad. The films also have a hefty dose of humor…. but they are not all light and airy. Disney is not afraid of complex, deep emotions, and is willing to scare it’s audience just as easily as tickling them.

Cinderella is a groundbreaking film for Disney for no other reason than this set the road-map for success for the studio for the next sixty years, and, dare I say it, beyond.

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