Director Brenda Chapman leaves Pixar for Lucasfilm

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Brenda Chapman

Brenda Chap­man

The first Amer­i­can woman to direct an ani­mated fea­ture film from a major stu­dio has left Pixar to become a con­sul­tant for Lucas­film Ani­ma­tion.

Brenda Chap­man, a direc­tor of Dream­Works’ The Prince Of Egypt (1998), left Pixar as of the end of July.

She began at Pixar when Cars was in pro­duc­tion, and cre­ated the story behind this year’s Brave. She was Brave’s first direc­tor, let­ting Mark Andrews take on the job in the final stages of production.

Story super­vi­sor for 1994’s The Lion King, she pro­vided story work for Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Fantasia/2000 (1991). As well, she did addi­tional story for Chicken Run (2000).

Chap­man was unable to pro­vide any details about the project that Lucas­film Ani­ma­tion is work­ing on.

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