The Dippy Diplomat (1945) — Woody Woodpecker Theatrical Cartoon

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The Dippy Diplomat (1945) - Woody Woodpecker

The Dippy Diplo­mat (1945) — Woody Woodpecker

CotD: Woody Wood­pecker and Wally Wal­rus mix it up (WAY up!) in 1945’s “The Dippy Diplo­mat” Watch this clas­sic today ~

The Dippy Diplo­mat (1945) — Woody Wood­pecker The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Woody Woodpecker’s sleep­ing in the arms of a statue in the city park, dream­ing of a big, juicy steak. Across the street from the park lives Wally Wal­rus, who’s prepar­ing to enter­tain famous Russ­ian ambas­sador Ivan Awfulitch.

Wally starts to bar­be­cue some steaks, and the aroma from the siz­zling meat wafts its way across the street into Woody’s nos­trils, picks Woody up, and car­ries him to the fence sur­round­ing Wally’s patio. Woody wakes up and, peek­ing through a hole in the fence, sees a table loaded with food. Woody reaches through the hole and helps him­self to sev­eral ears of corn before Wally, who’s a lit­tle slow to real­ize what’s hap­pen­ing, nails a board over the hole.

Woody then tosses a ping-pong ball into the hard-boiled eggs, and he rushes in and asks per­mis­sion from Wally to retrieve his ball. Before he can find his ball, Woody eats every egg in the bowl. Wally picks Woody up and throws him into the news­pa­per rack in the street cor­ner. Woody glances at the papers and reads about the din­ner party for the ambas­sador. He dis­guises him­self as the ambas­sador, rents a lim­ou­sine, and drive up to Wally’s house.

Woody heads for the steaks with­out delay, but he gets too close to the bar­be­cue, and he burns his beard. The dis­guise is ruined, but even so, Woody man­ages to make off with a car­load of food.

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