Defense invokes Wile E. Coyote at MA murder trial

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Wile E. Coyote

Wile E. Coyote

The pros­e­cu­tion is mak­ing its case under the influ­ence of Wile E. Coyote’s car­toon physics, a defense attor­ney claimed Wednes­day at a first-degree mur­der trial in Massachusetts.

Attor­ney John Ama­bile deliv­ered his clos­ing argu­ment in the trial of Jabrai Jor­dan Cop­ney. He spoke to a Mid­dle­sex Supe­rior Court jury in Woburn.

Amaile said that Cop­ney is wrongly accused of shoot­ing Justin Cosby of Cam­bridge, who was at a Har­vard res­i­dence hall on cam­pus on May 18, 2009 to fin­ish a mar­i­juana sale.

Ama­bile invoked the always-at-the-short-end-of-the-stick coy­ote as he recounted bal­lis­tics evi­dence found in a Kirk­land House stair­well after Cosby was shot.

Bul­lets and shell cas­ings found at the scene showed that who­ever shot Cosby fired down­ward, the lawer said. As well, he said, the med­ical exam­iner tes­ti­fied that the fatal bul­let aimed at Cosby entered his left side and trav­eled down­ward. This would indi­cate that the shooter was stand­ing above him, Ama­bile said.

Ama­bile charged that the real killer was the prosecution’s star wit­ness, Blayn Jiggetts, who admit­ted bring­ing a 9mm hand­gun to the Kirk­land House dorm, but who tes­ti­fied that Cop­ney pulled the trigger.

Jiggetts tes­ti­fied that Cop­ney shot at Cosby from the foot of the stairs while Cosby ran out of the base­ment, Ama­bile said.

Wile E. Coy­ote, when he fires a gun or shoots a mis­sile at the Road Run­ner, the bul­let goes fly­ing up and down stairs and around the cor­ner,”’ Ama­bile said.

If you are going to believe Blayn ‘Bliz’ Jiggetts, you have to believe that the shot that killed Mr. Cosby went over his shoul­der, turned a cir­cle, and then came back down­ward the other way.… It’s like some­thing out of a Road Run­ner car­toon,” he said.

Jurors delib­er­ated for three hours Wednes­day. Delib­er­a­tion was to resume today (Thursday).

[Via Boston Globe…arvard_dorm_killing/]

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