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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Trailer To Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

Sony Pictures Animation troubled production of the 3D animated Hotel Transylvania has something to show for the nearly 10 years in production it has seen. A first trailer. A first look at Adam Sandler’s Dracula as he parades around his stylish resort for overworked monsters.

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A Rainy Day (1940) – MGM Theatrical Cartoon

A Rainy Day

CotD: Reprising their first appearance in “Goldilocks And The Three Bears“, the Bear Family faces “A Rainy Day” and some incredible animation of the roof shingles turning into big waves.

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Laika Takes On Reeve’s Goblins


Stop-motion animation studio Laika Entertainment has put the grabs on Philip Reeve’s book Goblins for a possible new film. The British novel has yet to be released in the United States. Reeve also wrote the award-winning book Mortal Engine.

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DreamWorks & Wal-Mart Disc-to-Digital Launch

DreamWorks Animation SKG

DreamWorks Animation is partnering with Wal-Mart in rolling out a new disc-to-digital cloud movie service for consumers.

Dreamworks is now the sixth Hollywood studio to join with Wal-Mart, which will charge $2 to make a copy of a movie in the “cloud” that can be accessed from any compatible digital device ($5 to convert the movie to high-definition). The Glendale studio will make all of its previously released DVDs, including the “Shrek” and “Madagascar” series and “How to Train Your Dragon,” available for consumers to convert into digital copies stored on Wal-Mart’s Vudu service. The service launched Monday in about 3,500 Wal-Mart stores across the U.S.

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“Lion in Winter” producer Martin Poll dead at 89

Martin Poll

Martin Poll, nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture for producing 1968’s The Lion in Winter, died Saturday in New York. He was 89.

He had pneumonia and kidney failure, his son Jon said.

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