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Warners hires writers for “Yogi Bear” movie sequel

Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Jelly­stone Park, Warner Bros. has signed the team of Joshua Sternin and Jef­frey Ven­ti­m­ilia to write a sequel to last December’s live-action/CG ani­mated movie Yogi Bear.

The two pre­vi­ously col­lab­o­rated on the script for Fox’s Rio and Dream­Works’ Mr. Peabody & Sher­man — the lat­ter set for release in 2004.

Once again, the Yogi opus will be pro­duced by Don­ald De Line and Karen Rosen­felt. Andrew Haas is the exec­u­tive pro­ducer, while Jon Berg is the super­vi­sor for WB.

More suc­cess­ful than first pre­dicted, the ini­tial Yogi hybrid film opened in mid-December with just $16.4 mil­lion at the North Amer­i­can box office. It then showed its claws and made over $100 mil­lion in the United States — and another $100 mil­lion in other countries.

In that film, Brad Copeland joined Sternin and Ven­ti­m­ilia as the scriptwriters.

[Via Vari­ety]

Kung Fu Panda 2 comes second in battle of sequels

Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2

True to its numeral, Dream­Works Animation’s “Kung Fu Panda 2″ came in a solid sec­ond at the North Amer­i­can box office over the Memo­r­ial Day weekend.

Between Fri­day and Sun­day, Kung Fu Panda 2 made $48 mil­lion at its open­ing week­end, although that’s con­sid­er­ably below the $60.2 mil­lion col­lected by 2008’s Kung Fu Panda when it first reached movie houses.

Since its Thurs­day open­ing, Kung Fu Panda 2 has drawn $53.8 mil­lion. Its dis­trib­u­tor, Para­mount, esti­mates that the con­tin­u­ing adven­tures of Po and pals will gather $68.2 mil­lion by the time the hol­i­day week­end ends Mon­day night.

As well, Kung Fu Panda 2 gar­nered $57 mil­lion in 11 over­seas coun­tries, includ­ing $18.5 mil­lion in China.

The DWA sequel fared much below another sequel — the live-action The Hang­over Part II, which opened at $86.5 million.

Accord­ing to stu­dio esti­mates Sun­day, Hol­ly­wood should be set­ting a new rev­enue record for the long Memo­r­ial Day weekend.

Domes­tic grosses from Fri­day to Sun­day totaled about $220 mil­lion. Monday’s results should mean that the four-day week­end will end with about $270 mil­lion, com­pared with the pre­vi­ous $254.6 mil­lion Memo­r­ial Day record set in 2007, said box-office ana­lyst Paul Dergarabedian.

[Via Asso­ci­ated Press —…_en_ot/us_box_office]

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty (2008) — Theatrical Animated Film

CotD: Today we have “Granny O’Grimm’s Sleep­ing Beauty” from Ire­land; give it a watch and tell us what you think! ~

Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty (2008)

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleep­ing Beauty (2008)

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleep­ing Beauty (2008) — The­atri­cal Ani­mated Film

Granny O’Grimm, a seem­ingly sweet old lady, loses the plot as she tells her ver­sion of Sleep­ing Beauty to her ter­ri­fied granddaughter.

Watch Granny O’Grimm’s Sleep­ing Beauty at Big Car­toon DataBase

Finding Nemo (2003) — PIXAR Theatrical Animated Film

CotD: PIXAR went under­wa­ter for “Find­ing Nemo” the box office cham­pion of 2003 ~

Finding Nemo (2003) - PIXAR

Find­ing Nemo (2003) — PIXAR

Find­ing Nemo (2003) — PIXAR The­atri­cal Ani­mated Film

The film fol­lows the comedic and event­ful jour­neys of two fish– Mar­lin and his son Nemo– who become sep­a­rated in the Great Bar­rier Reef when Nemo is unex­pect­edly taken far from home and thrust into a fish tank in a dentist’s office over­look­ing Syd­ney har­bor. Buoyed by the com­pan­ion­ship of a friendly-but-forgetful fish named Dory, the overly cau­tious father embarks on a dan­ger­ous trek and finds him­self the unlikely hero of an epic jour­ney to res­cue his son– who hatches a few dar­ing plans of his own to return safely home.

Watch Find­ing Nemo at Big Car­toon DataBase

Melody (Adventures In Music) (1933) — Disney Theatrical Cartoon

CotD: Dis­ney claimed “Melody (Adven­tures In Music)” was the first 3D ani­mated car­toon; it was just Disney’s first ani­mated 3D film ~

Melody (Adventures In Music) (1933) - Disney

Melody (Adven­tures In Music) (1933) — Disney

Melody (Adven­tures In Music) (1933) — Dis­ney The­atri­cal Cartoon

Pro­fes­sor Owl teaches his music class (full of birds) about melody and its impor­tance to the world of music. It’s all around in nature. Only birds and man can sing; man “sings” even when he speaks. We see a quick sur­vey of the stages of life, as cap­tured by songs: the Alpha­bet Song for pri­mary school, “Here Comes the Bride,” “The Old Gray Mare,” etc.

Some inspi­ra­tions for song are out­lined in song (such as love, sail­ing, trains, the West and moth­er­hood), but “we never sing about brains.” Finally, an exam­ple is shown of how a sim­ple melody can be expanded into a sym­phony: an elab­o­rate ver­sion of the sim­ple tune which opened the lesson.

Watch Melody (Adven­tures In Music) at Big Car­toon DataBase

CN bringing more “Johnny Test” this summer

Johnny Test

Johnny Test

Return­ing with all-new episodes, Johnny Test fea­tures the intre­pid Johnny, his genet­i­cally altered super-dog Dukey and his super genius twin sis­ters. Whether it’s a ques­tion­able sci­ence exper­i­ment or things blow­ing up, as long as Dukey can come along, Johnny gives it a go.

New episodes begin at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Mon­day, June 13 and join the Mon­day night ani­mated com­edy lineup of net­work hits includ­ing The Amaz­ing World Of Gum­ball, Adven­ture Time With Finn & Jake, MAD and Reg­u­lar Show.

Johnny Test chron­i­cles the adven­tures of a fear­less 11-year-old boy, his genet­i­cally engi­neered super dog Dukey, and his 13-year-old super genius brainiac twin sis­ters who use Johnny as their guinea pig for their out-of-this-world sci­en­tific exper­i­ments. Johnny is the ulti­mate test pilot where no mis­sion is too unbe­liev­able, no chal­lenge is too great, no vil­lain is too men­ac­ing — and no sister-created con­coc­tion is too wild.

Johnny Test is cre­ated and pro­duced by Cookie Jar Entertainment.

Three Little Pigs (1933) — Silly Symphonies Theatrical Cartoon Series

CotD: The first of four in the series, “Three Lit­tle Pigs” wasa hit and Oscar win­ner in 1933 ~

Three Little Pigs (1933) - Silly Symphonies

Three Lit­tle Pigs (1933) — Silly Symphonies

Three Lit­tle Pigs (1933) — Silly Sym­phonies The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Three lit­tle pigs set off to the great wide world; their first step, to build a house. They each have their own life philoso­phies, which gov­ern their lives, and they types of houses they make.

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TV’s “The Governator” terminated following scandal

The Governator

The Gov­er­na­tor

All work is off on “The Gov­er­na­tor,” the would-be ani­mated series star­ring Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger as a superhero.

The com­pa­nies behind the TV show said Fri­day that they have stopped work­ing on the fran­chise, which had shown signs of growth.

In light of recent events, A Squared Enter­tain­ment, POW Enter­tain­ment, Stan Lee Comics, and Archie Comics, have halted pro­duc­tion” on the project, the firms said in a writ­ten statement.

Those “recent events” include rev­e­la­tions that the for­mer Cal­i­for­nia gov­er­nor that he had an affair and child with a house­keeper who worked for his fam­ily for 20 years.

Schwarzeneg­ger announced the series among much pub­lic­ity last month in Cannes, France. The MIPTV (Inter­na­tional Tele­vi­sion Pro­gramme Mar­ket) was being held in the south­ern French resort city, where the actor received the insignia of Cheva­lier in the Order of the Legion of Honor on April 4.

The Gov­er­na­tor was to fea­ture Schwarzeneg­ger as a super­hero in the dou­ble role of a fam­ily man and ex-governor who fights global vil­lains and modern-day dis­as­ters secretly along­side a team of hip teens.

No announce­ment has been made on when — or even if — pro­duc­tion on the planned TV series, comic book, movie and video game will resume.

Schwarzeneg­ger said Thurs­day that he was post­pon­ing his movie projects. Ear­lier last week, he con­fessed to father­ing a child out of wed­lock over a decade ago, and to not telling wife Maria Shriver until this year.

Two weeks ago, the cou­ple announced their separation.

Tarts And Flowers (1950) — Noveltoons Theatrical Cartoon Series

CotD: One of the later Nov­el­toons from Famous Stu­dios, well after the Fleis­ch­ers hasd left “Tarts And Flow­ers” in 1950 ~

Tarts And Flowers (1950) - Noveltoons

Tarts And Flow­ers (1950) — Noveltoons

Tarts And Flow­ers (1950) — Nov­el­toons The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Lit­tle Audrey bakes a gin­ger­bread man while lis­ten­ing to a radio cook­ing show. When the dough is in the oven, she falls asleep. The gin­ger­bread man comes to life and takes her to Cake­land, a col­or­ful musi­cal land of candy canes and ice cream cones. There is a big cel­e­bra­tion because the Gin­ger­bread Man is tak­ing Miss Angel Cake as his wife.

There is a song, “Gay Hol­i­day,” with danc­ing and singing con­fec­tions, includ­ing a drunken rum cake and a car­i­ca­ture of Mau­rice Cheva­lier as Mr. Eclair Debonair. This sends the Devil’s Food Cake into an jeal­ous rage. Inter­rupt­ing the wed­ding, he kid­naps Miss Angel Cake and pad­dles her up the old milk stream.

It’s Audrey to the res­cue. When Audrey wakes up, she opens the oven to dis­cover in her bak­ing pan not only a gin­ger­bread man, but Miss Angel Cake and a cou­ple of kids. Audrey laughs through the clos­ing as she learns some­thing about life.

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New Animated Series, “Voltron Force,” Premieres on Nicktoons



Nick­toons brings the iconic fran­chise Voltron to a new gen­er­a­tion with the brand new ani­mated series, Voltron Force. The series will launch as a commercial-free pre­sen­ta­tion of the 90-minute movie, “Voltron Force: New Defend­ers Tril­ogy,” Thurs­day, June 16, at 8:30 p.m. (ET).

The half-hour series, which fea­tures an all-new theme song pro­duced and recorded by Grammy Award-winning pro­ducer and artist Swizz Beatz, fol­lows the adven­tures of a new class of recruits as they join forces with the orig­i­nal team to fight evil by form­ing Voltron, the leg­endary super robot. The first orig­i­nal Voltron con­tent in 10 years, this new iter­a­tion from World Events Pro­duc­tions in asso­ci­a­tion with Clas­sic Media and Kick­start Pro­duc­tions will fea­ture never-before-seen Voltron con­fig­u­ra­tions when the team’s Lions unite. The series will reg­u­larly air Thurs­days at 8:30 p.m. (ET) on Nicktoons.

Voltron Force stays true to the con­cepts that made the orig­i­nal such a suc­cess, but also takes the action, adven­ture and fan­tas­ti­cal robotic cre­ations to the next level,” said Keith Dawkins, Senior Vice Pres­i­dent and Gen­eral Man­ager of Nick­toons and Teen­Nick. “As a fan myself, it’s excit­ing to see the saga con­tinue and for our net­work to be part of the brand’s legacy.”
“I’m truly excited to be involved in the re-emergence of this clas­sic car­toon,” said Swizz Beatz. “I enjoyed watch­ing Voltron as a child and now can enjoy it with my own kids.”

The orig­i­nal robot-action show, Voltron: Defender of the Uni­verse, has become a mas­sive pop-culture suc­cess since its launch in 1984. The series’ sig­na­ture maneu­ver of com­bin­ing forces to attain a com­mon goal has res­onated with many, earn­ing ref­er­ences on tele­vi­sion shows (such as South Park, The Fairly Odd­Par­ents and Lost), by hip-hop artists (Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Wu Tang Clan, among oth­ers) and by ath­letes (like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Amar’e Stoudemire, Lau­rence Maroney and Chris Paul). The series also has a loyal Hol­ly­wood fol­low­ing of celebri­ties such as Jonah Hill, Megan Fox, Seth Green and Zach Gal­i­fi­anakis, to name a few.

Set five years after Voltron: Defender of the Uni­verse, Voltron Force fol­lows three new recruits – Daniel, Vince and Larmina – as they get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to train along­side their heroes – Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Allura – and learn to fly incred­i­ble robot lions. The series will jour­ney to new plan­ets, dis­cover new pow­ers and unearth ancient secrets. Voltron will be needed once again to com­bat a ris­ing evil in the galaxy and a tyrant from within. Bonds will be formed, friend­ships will be tested and plenty of laughs will be had as the Voltron Force gels together as a team in an epic bat­tle of good ver­sus evil.

In the 90-minute movie pre­miere, “Voltron Force: New Defend­ers Tril­ogy,” Daniel and Vince are recruited into an under­ground resis­tance move­ment led by for­mer mem­bers of the Voltron Force to recover the keys to the lions. They soon meet fel­low class­mate Larmina, and the three cadets are intro­duced to their Volt­coms, an advanced wrist device that acts as an acti­va­tion key to the lions. Their Volt­coms are also capa­ble of gen­er­at­ing unique weapons and pow­ers based on per­son­al­ity and fight­ing styles. As the new cadets explore the Cas­tle of Lions and uncover clues to Voltron’s ori­gins, the orig­i­nal Force gets their groove back to form Voltron once more, deter­mined to take on the duel-threat of King Lotor’s Robeast and Sky Mar­shal Wade’s war machine.

On, a ded­i­cated Voltron Force show page will fea­ture video clips, full episodes, flip­books, char­ac­ters pro­files, a ded­i­cated mes­sage board and exclu­sive weekly print­a­bles. A new print­able, fea­tur­ing exclu­sive char­ac­ter art, will become avail­able every Thurs­day dur­ing pre­miere episodes. Addi­tion­ally, on May 27, will launch a new game, “Voltron Force: Ulti­mate Vic­tory,” which will allow users to play as all five Lions and trans­form into Voltron. Dur­ing the on-air pre­miere of Voltron Force on June 16, the net­work will also offer a Game Code that unlocks the bonus and unlim­ited “blaz­ing sword” in the game.