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Baby Bottleneck (1946) — Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon

CotD: I am a sucker for Bob Clam­pett; when I saw that today was the 65th anniver­sary of the release of “Baby Bot­tle­neck” I posted it~

Baby Bottleneck (1946) - Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon

Baby Bot­tle­neck (1946) — Looney Tunes The­atri­cal Cartoon

Baby Bot­tle­neck (1946) — Looney Tunes The­atri­cal Cartoon

As the baby boom com­mences, and with the deliv­ery ser­vice over­worked, Porky and Daffy are placed in charge of a baby fac­tory, where they help the stork keep up… until an uniden­ti­fied egg comes off the assem­bly line.

Watch Baby Bot­tle­neck on Video Here

Yellow Submarine Sinking Fast

Zemeckis Yellow Submarine

Zemeckis Yel­low Submarine

Due to the incred­i­bly poor per­for­mance of “Mars Needs Moms” at the box office, Dis­ney is pulling out from Robert Zemeckis’ next planned motion cap­ture project, a remake of the Bea­t­les clas­sic Yel­low Sub­ma­rine. Indus­try insid­ers are see­ing this as a repu­di­a­tion of Zemeckis’ motion-capture style of ani­ma­tion, and Dis­ney clos­ing the book on any fur­ther pro­duc­tions using the technique.

Accord­ing to the Hol­ly­wood Reporter, even before the lack­lus­ter per­for­mance put in by Zemeckis’ “Mars Needs Moms”, the remake of the Bea­t­les film was on shaky ground. HR points out bud­get prob­lems as well as Zemeckis’ inabil­ity to get the Bea­t­les heirs onboard the project as major imped­i­ments to the future of the project. And almost a year to the day ago, Dis­ney closed Image­Movers Dig­i­tal Stu­dios, their joint ven­ture in Marin County with Zemeckis. With the audi­ences stay­ing away from this cur­rent motion cap­ture project, Dis­ney has now com­pletely pulled the plug on the project.

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Tangled opens in Japan despite “tragic conditions”



Dis­ney said that “despite the ongo­ing tragic con­di­tions,” it pro­ceeded with its open­ing of “Tan­gled” at 370 screens in Japan this past weekend.

Largely because of Japan’s earth­quake and tsunami, the over­seas box office fell by 60% from the same week­end last year.

In Japan, Tan­gled opened to just $1.6 mil­lion. The 3D retelling of the Rapun­zel story ranked No. 3 over­seas for a total of $1.74 mil­lion this weekend.

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Snoopy, Come Home” recordist Stan Ross dead at 82

Stan Ross

Stan Ross

Pro­ducer and engi­neer Stan Ross, co-founder of Hollywood’s iconic Gold Star Record­ing Stu­dio and the music recordist and mixer for the 1972 movie Snoopy, Come Home, died Fri­day in Bur­bank, Cal­i­for­nia. He was 82.

Ross died at Prov­i­dence St. Joseph’s Med­ical Cen­ter of com­pli­ca­tions fol­low­ing surgery, his fam­ily said.

The sec­ond in the series of Peanuts fea­ture films, Snoopy, Come Home marked Wood­stock and Franklin’s ani­mated debut.

Gold Star was famed for its ground-breaking “Wall of Sound” tech­nique devel­oped by pro­ducer Phil Spec­tor. The build­ing at Santa Mon­ica Boule­vard and Vine Street was the home of over 100 Top 40 hits, among them such records pro­duced by Spec­tor as “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feel­ing” by the Right­eous Broth­ers and “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes.

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Lipsett Diaries” wins Jutra for animated film

Lipsett Diaries

Lipsett Diaries

Theodore Ushev’s “Lipsett Diaries” (“Les jour­naux de Lipsett”), won the award for best ani­mated film at Quebec’s 13th annual Jutra Awards.

The annual cel­e­bra­tion of Que­bec film’s indus­try was held Sun­day night at Théâtre St-Denis in Montreal.

Already the win­ner of the Genie — the Cana­dian equiv­a­lent of the Oscar — for best ani­mated short, Lipsett Diaries was pro­duced by the National Film Board of Canada’s Marc Bertrand and directed by Theodore Ushev.

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Jack-Jack Attack (2005) — Direct-To-Video Cartoon

CotD: In 2005, PIXAR short Jack-Jack Attack released; if you have not seen this yet, watch it now and thank me later.

Jack-Jack Attack

Jack-Jack Attack

Jack-Jack Attack (2005) — Direct-To-Video Cartoon

While the Parr fam­ily was out sav­ing the world from Syn­drome, this short looks at the wild times at home between Jack-Jack and his baby-sitter Kari.

Watch Jack-Jack Attack on Video Here

Voice of Dora’s “Boots” wins Young Artist Award

Dora The Explorer

Dora The Explorer

For his work por­tray­ing Boots in Nickelodeon’s “Dora The Explorer,” Regan Mizrahi received the Young Artist Award on Sun­day night in the cat­e­gory of Best Young Actor in a Voice-Over Role.

Also nom­i­nated in the cat­e­gory were Jacob Ewa­niuk (The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That; PBS) and Dal­las Jokic (Babar and the Adven­tures of Badou; Nel­vana).

For Best Young Actress in a Voice-Over Role, nom­i­nees included Erika-Shaye Gair (Dinosaur Train; Jim Hen­son Com­pany) and Alex Tor­ring­ton (The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That). How­ever, they lost to Jor­dan Van Vranken, who per­forms in the live-action Warner Broth­ers TV series Chadam.

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Mars Needs” bombs, opens at #5 with $6.8 million

Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms

Movie­go­ers didn’t need Walt Dis­ney Stu­dios’ “Mars Needs Moms” over the week­end — not on this planet, anyway.

Despite a mas­sive $150 mil­lion bud­get, the ani­mated film opened to only $6.8 mil­lion, putting it in fifth place at the North Amer­i­can box office.

Mars Needs Moms made an addi­tional $2.1 mil­lion in 14 for­eign countries.

At No. 1 was Sony’s live-action Bat­tle: Los Ange­les, which opened to gross an esti­mated $36 mil­lion (with another $16.7 mil­lion in 33 for­eign countries).

The computer-animated Rango, dis­trib­uted by Para­mount, still has legs at the box office. Down just 39% from its first-place $38.1 mil­lion open­ing last week­end, it grossed $23.1 mil­lion this week­end for a strong sec­ond place.

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Barn Dance (1929) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon

CotD: Today is the anniver­sary of “Barn Dance”, the fourth Mickey Mouse car­toon Dis­ney made.

Barn Dance (1929) - Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Barn Dance (1929) — Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Mickey wants to take Min­nie to a dance, but Pete’s flashy car beats Mickey’s horse-drawn wagon as her trans­porta­tion of choice. At the dance, Mickey uses some bal­loons to make him­self light on his feet– the per­fect danc­ing part­ner– but this doesn’t keep Min­nie at his side for long, either.

Watch Barn Dance on Video Here

Ex-Cinar president Weinberg released on $140K bail

Ronald Weinberg

Ronald Wein­berg

The for­mer pres­i­dent of now-defunct ani­ma­tion com­pany Cinar was released Fri­day on $140,000 bail after being charged in con­nec­tion with an alleged $120 mil­lion fraud.

Ronald Wein­berg, 59, was freed less than a day after he sur­rended to Mon­treal police at Trudeau Inter­na­tional Air­port. A week ear­lier, the Que­bec provin­cial police issued a war­rant for his arrest.

Bail con­di­tions require that he must refrain from com­mu­ni­cat­ing with oth­ers accused in the case; refrain from trad­ing pub­lic stocks; live at one of his two homes, in sub­ur­ban Pointe Claire, Que­bec, or upstate New York; and keep the peace.

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