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Penguins take wing with “Madagascar” spin-off film

Penguins Madagascar

Pen­guins Madagascar

If you never thought that pen­guins could get off the ground, Dream­Works Ani­ma­tion is out to prove otherwise.

The pen­guins of DWA’s Mada­gas­car fran­chise are set to star in their own fea­ture film, with Alan J. School­craft and Brent Simons — the writ­ers of last fall’s Mega­mind — hired to han­dle the project.

School­craft and Simons will write the script and develop the story. Cur­rently, there is no direc­tor or co-directors, and no release date has been set.

Para­mil­i­tary pen­guins Skip­per, Kowal­ski, Pri­vate and Rico will be fea­tured in the movie. They were — and are — sup­port­ing char­ac­ters in the Mada­gas­car films (Mada­gas­car 3 is set for release in 2012).

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Quackodile Tears (1962) — Merrie Melodies Cartoon Series

CotD: A per­sonal favorite, “Quack­odile Tears” shows the domes­tic side of Daffy; Directed by Art Davis ~

Quackodile Tears (1962) - Merrie Melodies

Quack­odile Tears (1962) — Mer­rie Melodies

Quack­odile Tears (1962) — Mer­rie Melodies Car­toon Series

Daffy’s wife tells him to watch their egg while she goes out. Daffy gets his egg mixed up with a croc­o­dile egg. He and the croc­o­dile fight over the egg. Daffy can­not win against wife nor beast.

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Brazilian worker wins $227K over SpongeBob jokes

SpongeBob SquarePants

Sponge­Bob SquarePants

Partly because col­leagues nick­named a Brazil­ian insur­ance worker “Sponge­Bob SquarePants” due to her accent, a judge awarded the aggrieved employee the equiv­a­lent of $227,000 U.S.

A British judge ordered her employer, med­ical insur­ance firm AXA PPP Health­care, to pay her aggra­vated dam­ages of £142,000 — includ­ing nearly £25,000 ($40,000 U.S.) for hurt feel­ings — after hear­ing that she was the tar­get of racial bul­ly­ing for 18 months.

Licia Faith­ful, a 31-year-old mother of one, told an employ­ment tri­bunal that she suf­fered post-traumatic stress dis­or­der and depres­sion after co-workers in the claims depart­ment ridiculed her. She had been mak­ing £17,765 ($28,400) a year in the office in Tun­bridge Wells, Kent.

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Popeye For President (1956) — Popeye the Sailor Cartoon Series

CotD: In 1956, we had “Pop­eye For Pres­i­dent”; any­one notice if he was a Repub­li­can or Democrat?

Popeye For President (1956) - Popeye the Sailor Cartoon

Pop­eye For Pres­i­dent (1956) — Pop­eye the Sailor Cartoon

Pop­eye For Pres­i­dent (1956) — Pop­eye the Sailor Car­toon Series

Elec­tion time again with Pop­eye on the Spinach Party and Bluto on the Blu­to­cratic ticket. To beat Bluto, Pop­eye must win Olive’s deci­sive vote. Pop­eye and Bluto race to Olive’s coun­try farm to win her affection.

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Norwegian actress, activist Wenche Foss dead at 93

Wenche Foss

Wenche Foss

Wenche Foss, one of Norway’s most pop­u­lar actresses, died Mon­day in Oslo after a ter­mi­nal ill­ness, the nature of which was undis­closed. She was 93.

Foss pro­vided the voice of Enke­fru Stengelføhn-Glad in the 1975 ani­mated fea­ture film Flåk­lypa Grand Prix, known in Eng­lish as Pinch­cliffe Grand Prix. She voiced the same char­ac­ter in another ani­mated fea­ture, 1998’s Solan, Lud­vig og Gurin med reverompa (Gurin with the Fox­tail).

The star of numer­ous movies, she had a wide range of roles. Besides the screen, she was in come­dies and major musicals.

She was born Eva Wenche Steenfeldt-Foss Stang in Oslo (then known as Kris­tia­nia) on Decem­ber 5, 1917. Mak­ing her stage debut at 17, she was a stage per­former until well into her 80s.

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Sony Pictures’ “Rango” opens at top spot in France



Rango” opened at No. 1 in France over the week­end, tak­ing in $3.3 mil­lion in 592 locations.

Made by Sony Pic­tures and dis­trib­uted by Para­mount, the ani­mated film came in No. 2 abroad. This past week­end, it col­lected $15.5 mil­lion in 6,095 venues in 55 coun­tries. The over­seas gross is $94 mil­lion so far, thus rais­ing the world­wide take to $200.4 million.

In earthquake-beset Japan, Dis­ney Animation’s “Tan­gled” expe­ri­enced a 23% increase in sales this week­end. It yielded $2.8 mil­lion from 145 loca­tions for a cumu­la­tive total of $12 million.

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Hare-Way To The Stars (1941) Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

Com­man­der X-2– who was to become Mar­vin Mar­t­ian– in his first ever Chuck Jones car­toon from 1958

Hare-Way To The Stars (1958) Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

Hare-Way To The Stars (1958) Looney Tunes The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Hare-Way To The Stars (1958) Looney Tunes The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Bugs Bunny, groggy from a rab­bit hang­over, climbs out of his hole and into a rocket ship parked directly above. He thinks that he’s still in his rab­bit hole. Reach­ing the top, he unwit­tingly stows away aboard the rocket to Mars and is car­ried off by a satel­lite onto a futur­is­tic land­scape of pan­els sus­pended in outer space. He tries to rent a U-Drive fly­ing saucer from a local char­ac­ter wear­ing a spit­toon: Com­man­der X-2 in his Roman hair­brush hel­met. Mar­vin advises him not to bother, as “the Earth will be gone in just a few sec­onds. I’m going to blow it up– it obstructs my view of Venus.” To save the planet from destruc­tion, Bugs makes off with the Aludium Q-36 Explo­sive Space Mod­u­la­tor that the Mar­t­ian has built.

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German TV has meltdown over “Simpsons” nuke scenes

The Simpsons

The Simp­sons

There’ll be no nuclear dis­as­ters in Spring­field, at least not on Ger­man television.

Pro7, the chan­nel which broad­casts The Simp­sons in Ger­many, will remove or replace any cur­rent or future episodes of the car­toon sit­com that fea­ture a dis­as­ter at Mont­gomery Burns’ nuclear power plant.

Report­edly, net­works in Aus­tria and Switzer­land have done like­wise because, as we all know, car­toons are real, and if we air it on a car­toon in our coun­try, it will hap­pen to us.

It’s a reac­tion to the actual nuclear dis­as­ter tak­ing place in Japan’s Sendai pre­fec­ture fol­low­ing the earth­quake and tsunami.

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Howl’s Moving Castle author Diana Wynne Jones dies

Diana Wynne Jones

Diana Wynne Jones

Sci­ence fic­tion and fan­tasy author Diana Wynne Jones, whose novel Howl’s Mov­ing Cas­tle was adapted into an Oscar-nominated anime movie in 2004, died early Sat­ur­day morn­ing after a year-long strug­gle with lung can­cer. She was 76.

Hayao Miyazaki, Pete Doc­ter and Rick Dempsey co-directed the adap­ta­tion Hauru No Ugoku Shiro, which was pro­duced by Stu­dio Ghi­bli and sev­eral other com­pa­nies. Nom­i­nated for the Acad­emy Award for Best Ani­mated Fea­ture in 2006, it won the Audi­ence Award for Best Japan­ese Movie at the Mainichi Film Awards. In 2004, the film was nom­i­nated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Inter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val, where it was first screened.

Jones once said that Howl’s Mov­ing Cas­tle is “a very visual book. I think it appealed to Miyazaki because it was about magic in four or five places at once.”

She believed that her char­ac­ters attracted Miyazaki’s imag­i­na­tion as well. “I imag­ine that Miyazaki might, almost at once, have set about think­ing how to draw and ani­mate a fire demon [Calcifer].”

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Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat (1941) — Cartune Theatrical Series

From Wal­ter Lantz’ Car­tune series, “Scrub Me Mama With A Boo­gie Beat” is one of the car­toons that is a vic­tim of it’s times, and is not shown any­more for fear of offend­ing viewers ~

Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat (1941) - Cartune Theatrical Series

Scrub Me Mama With A Boo­gie Beat (1941) — Car­tune The­atri­cal Series

Scrub Me Mama With A Boo­gie Beat (1941) — Car­tune The­atri­cal Series

Lazy­town (pop­u­la­tion 123½) is a sleepy South­ern burg along the banks of the Mis­sis­sippi that’s home to some out­ra­geously stereo­typed blacks. Every­one is lazy here– even the fish! The all-black towns­peo­ple nap and attract flies. They fall asleep in the mid­dle of fist­fights, and the dogs don’t have the energy to chase the cats. A river­boat pulls up at the dock, and a jazzy young lady from Harlem steps off. She starts look­ing around Lazy­town. Need­less to say, the men come to life. The sexy young lady teaches the locals about hot rhythm, singing the swing­ing title tune. The black mamas are scrub­bing their kids, and they get into the swing of it. A wash­er­woman becomes con­fused when she hears the singer, and her scrub­bing becomes frantic.

A boy bites into a huge slice of water­melon. A num­ber of musi­cians take up the melody, and an old man with a cane becomes acti­vated by the music. Soon, everyone’s mov­ing to a Harlem boo­gie beat, danc­ing, scrub­bing clothes and eat­ing water­melon. The town has come to life, and swings so much that even the under­wear climbs out of the wash­tub to dance. The ship’s cap­tain sounds the whis­tle and yells “All aboard!” to indi­cate that the ship is about to depart. The pretty lady gets back on the boat, leav­ing Lazy­town a jump­ing place.

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