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Keitel, Giamatti joining Folman’s “The Congress”

Keitel, Giamatti joining Folman's "The Congress"
Actors Harvey Keitel, Danny Huston and Paul Giamatti have officially joined the cast of Ari Folman’s The Congress, his science-fiction follow-up to Waltz With Bashir.

Their names had appeared on a now-defunct Facebook page for the picture, which combines animation with live action. Their roles in the movie have not been announced.

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“Kung Fu Panda” lawsuit strikes out at DreamWorks

"Kung Fu Panda" lawsuit strikes out at DreamWorks

Another lawsuit again has been filed against DreamWorks Animation over the 2008 hit flick Kung Fu Panda, this time by a Boston illustrator.

Jayme Gordon filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday against DWA, charging that the pudgy panda and his group of fighters were taken from “Kung Fu Panda Power,” a series of sketches and drawings that he created in the late 1980s and 1990s.

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Actor Kenneth Mars, 75, played King Triton, Nazi in “Producers”

Ken MarsCharacter actor Kenneth “Ken” Mars, whose German-type accents helped him land the role of nutbar Nazi playwright Franz Liebkind in Mel Brooks’ 1968 movie The Producers, died Saturday of pancreatic cancer at his Granada Hills, California home. He was 75.

Born in Chicago on April 14, 1936, Mars voiced King Triton in Disney’s 1989 film The Little Mermaid and its 2000 direct-to-video sequel, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. Also in animated films, he was Professor Screweyes in We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story (1993) and King Colbert in Thumbelina (1994).

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“Chico y Rita” named best animated film at Goyas

"Chico y Rita" named best animated film at Goyas

Partly set in Cuba, the Spanish-British co-production “Chico y Rita” was named best animated film late Sunday at the Goya Awards, Spain’s version of the Oscars.

In Chico y Rita (Chico & Rita), Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba and famed designer Javier Mariscal teamed up to create an epic animated love story that occurs around the time of the Cuban Revolution. Highlighting a pivotal moment in the evolution of jazz and traveling from Havana to New York, Chico y Rita is a tribute to the music, culture and people of Cuba.

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Disney’s Tangled (Review)

I went out to Havelock North to see this film. I could have seen it in Napier but I wanted to see the film that followed this one so it made sense to see both at the same theater.

I went to the 5.30 p.m session on January 2nd. There were four children who went ahead of me. The woman on the counter called me ‘a big kid’ for seeing Tangled.

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Wham And Eggs (1973) Theatrical Cartoon

Wham And Eggs: Blue Racer sneaks inside to the Colonel Kiochi’s Chicken Farm to get a hand on eggs for a meal. When he sneaks in, the chicken laid an egg and asks a rooster to guard it.
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Cinderella (1950) Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film

Cinderella: Beautiful Cinderella has been forced by her jealous stepmother and ugly stepsisters to become a servant in her own home, though she keeps a positive outlook with the help of her fairy godmother.

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