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Viewers pause to focus on Jessica Rabbit’s charms

Jessica Rabbit

Jes­sica Rabbit

Jes­sica Rab­bit and Sharon Stone have at least one thing in com­mon: their appar­ent, if momen­tary, lack of underwear.

That’s prob­a­bly why Jessica’s risque scene in the partly ani­mated Who Framed Roger Rab­bit (1988) is the fifth most-paused “blink and you’ll miss it” moment in movies, accord­ing to Love­film, a British DVD rental and stream­ing service.

First, as if you hadn’t guessed, is Stone’s iconic leg-crossing scene in 1992’s Basic Instinct.

Eighth place goes to a scene in Disney’s The Lion King (1994) which is entirely fam­ily friendly. In it, dust spells out “S.F.X.” — a ref­er­ence to the spe­cial effects used dur­ing animation.

The saucy Basic Instinct scene drew a third of the votes in the poll by the DVD rental and stream­ing service.

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Colene Gonzales, 82, was inker on Peanuts shows



Inker and painter Colene Gon­za­les, who worked on sev­eral Peanuts film and TV pro­duc­tions, died Jan­u­ary 14. She was 82.

From 1946 until her retire­ment in 1989, she worked for Dis­ney, MGM, Suther­land, Claire Ishkan­ian, Betty Brenon, Uni­ver­sal, Celine Miles, DePatie-Freleng, Bakshi-Krantz, Murakami-Wolf, Ani­ma­tion Cam­era Ser­vice, Lis­berger, and Kurtz And Friends.

Also cred­ited as M.C. Gon­za­les, Mar­garet Colene Gon­za­les and Mar­garet Gon­za­les, she was an ink and paint artist on the movies Heavy Traf­fic (1973), The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (1974) and Ani­ma­lympics (1980).

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Filmation cel painter Sara Seaberry dead at 73



Sara Seaberry, who painted cels and did mark-up for Fil­ma­tion from 1973 until 1989, died Jan­u­ary 10. She was 73.

Assis­tant head of ink and paint mark-up for the 1987 movie Pinoc­chio and the Emperor of the Night, Seaberry was assis­tant head of mark-up on BraveS­tarr: The Leg­end, released the fol­low­ing year. She was a mark-up assis­tant on Hap­pily Ever After (1993).

Seaberry was a key cel painter for the 1992 direct-to-video release The King­dom Chums: Orig­i­nal Top Ten, co-produced by ABC Enter­tain­ment and Rick Rein­ert Production.

5-foot Simon the Chipmunk returns without glasses

Alvin And The Chipmunks

Alvin And The Chipmunks

Was AAAAALVINNNN! responsible?

No one knows who’s the cul­prit behind the dis­ap­pear­ance of a five-foot plas­tic statue of Simon the Chip­munk. But the Rock­land, Mass­a­chu­setts fam­ily who owns it is glad that the Alvin And The Chip­munks star is back home.

Even if his glasses are missing.

Rock­land police are prob­ing the theft.

Who­ever took him beat him up pretty good,” said Irene Kelle­her, the other of the 70-pound statue. Tossed in a snow­bank, Simon was also scuffed up and miss­ing his tail, she added.

Simon did a van­ish­ing act for 24 hours. He was stolen from the Kelle­hers’ back­yard at about dusk Monday.

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Heavy Metal assistant animator Judy Niver dies, 71

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Lay­out artist and ani­ma­tor Judith M. “Judy” Niver, an assis­tant ani­ma­tor on the “Taarna” seg­ment of the 1981 movie Heavy Metal, died Decem­ber 14. She was 71.

From 1965 until 1994, she worked for DePatie-Freleng, Fil­ma­tion, Hanna-Barbera, UPA, Ed Love, Ruby-Spears, Encore, Hype­r­ion, Cool Pro­duc­tions, DreamQuest and Rich Animation.

Niver was a key assis­tant ani­ma­tor on the 1987 Fil­ma­tion the­atri­cal fea­ture Pinoc­chio and the Emperor of the Night. In addi­tion, she was an assis­tant ani­ma­tor on 1991’s Rover Dan­ger­field.

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Through A Lens Darkly (1999) Daria Television Cartoon Series

CotD: Here is a series we rarely look at, in fact, I have never seen. MTV’s Daria, and the 1999 show “Through A Lens Darkly”.

Through A Lens Darkly

Through A Lens Darkly

Through A Lens Darkly (1999) Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Cartoon

Through A Lens Darkly: Helen sug­gests that Daria get con­tact lenses after a bad-driving les­son, which Daria even­tu­ally agrees upon. How­ever, Daria finds the con­tact lenses extremely uncom­fort­able and doesn’t want to wear them any­more. But, not want­ing to go back to the glasses, she winds up spend­ing a day wear­ing nei­ther one and bump­ing into peo­ple. Even­tu­ally, Brit­tany gives her some help­ful advice about being herself.

Tangled” ties up No. 1 spot in five countries



Dis­ney Animation’s “Tan­gled” reached top spot in Den­mark, Nor­way, South Africa, Spain and Swe­den over the week­end, col­lect­ing $12.1 mil­lion abroad to become the second-biggest pic­ture at the over­seas box office.

Sec­ond only to Black Swan, the Rapun­zel adap­ta­tion was seen in 5,210 venues. It’s made $328 mil­lion in 52 coun­tries abroad so far toward an inter­na­tional take of $522.1 million.

In Spain, the 3D film made $3.2 mil­lion in 612 loca­tions for a total of $14.2 mil­lion over three weeks.

Out­gross­ing Pixar-Disney’s WALL-E ($521.3 mil­lion), it’s now the 18th-biggest ani­mated film in movie history.

Warner Bros.’ partly ani­mated Yogi Bear was tied with Paramount’s True Grit and No Strings Attached for the No. 3 spot with an esti­mated $10 mil­lion. Seen on 4,300 screens in 44 coun­tries, it’s made $76 mil­lion over­seas so far.

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Justice League, Ben 10 writer Dwayne McDuffie Dies

Ben 10

Ben 10

Dwayne McDuffie, a lead­ing comic book writer who later wrote sev­eral ani­mated super­hero fea­tures and TV series, died Tuesday.

His age and place of death were not imme­di­ately avail­able. He died from com­pli­ca­tions from a sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure per­formed Mon­day evening, the Comic Book Resources site said.

Last year,, a sci­ence fiction-fantasy site, put McDuffie in sev­enth place on its list of “10 Most Influ­en­tial African Amer­i­cans In Sci Fi.”

His last work was the script for the direct-to-video ani­mated fea­ture All Star Super­man, which went on sale Tues­day across the United States. McDuffie wrote four days ago on his per­sonal Web site that he was “tak­ing a break from a script I owe” to attend its Los Ange­les premiere.

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The Band Concert (1935) Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon

CotD: In 1935, Dis­ney pro­duced their first color Mickey Mouse car­toon, “The Band Con­cert”.

The Band Con­cert (1935) Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Cartoon

The Band Con­cert: Mickey leads his band through a ren­di­tion of Rossini’s “The William Tell Over­ture” in the park. It starts off fine until peanut ven­dor Don­ald Duck dis­rupts the con­cert by play­ing “Turkey In The Straw” on his fife, which he pulls out of his sleeve. Unde­terred, Mickey braves on. A cyclone appears and takes Mickey and the band– still play­ing!- for a ride.

Cars 2 Teaster Video Up

Cars 2

Cars 2

We have posted the video for the next PIXAR sequel, Cars 2. To be hon­est, when I first heard the premise of Cars, I thought that might be the first PIXAR flop; boy, was I wrong. Based on this trailer, Cars will be a lot like its big­ger brother, Toys Story; the sequels are bet­ter than the original.

Watch the trailer and see what you think!

Cars 2 Video

Cars 2