Customers Wanted (1939) – Popeye the Sailor Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Customers Wanted (1939) - Popeye the Sailor

Customers Wanted (1939) - Popeye the Sailor

CotD: Even back in 1939, studios would release “best of” compilations as new material. “Customers Wanted” not only was made from 2 previous cartoons, but was remade itself in 1955!

Customers Wanted (1939) – Popeye the Sailor Theatrical Cartoon Series

Bluto and Popeye own competing penny arcades that show scenes from their past cartoons, but no customers are stopping in! Wimpy strolls by, and each tries to bribe Wimpy (their only customer) into watching their great cartoon moments. Naturally, Wimpy has the nerve to borrow the necessary penny and promises to gladly “pay Tuesday.” The rivalry between Popeye and Bluto gets out of hand to the point where they start battling each other so fiercely that the enterprising Wimpy goes outside and charges a dime to see “the fight of the century” inside the arcade!

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