The Crystal Brawl (1957) — Popeye the Sailor Cartoon Series

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The Crystal Brawl

The Crys­tal Brawl

CotD: Famous Stu­dios moved toward a thicker ink line and more limted ani­ma­tion with “The Crys­tal Brawl”.

The Crys­tal Brawl (1957) — Pop­eye the Sailor Car­toon Series

Bluto tricks Olive into a date, tak­ing her to see a for­tune teller at a fair– actu­ally Pop­eye in dis­guise. The for­tune being fore­told shows the truth about Bluto’s inten­tions towards Olive. After the “for­tune teller” gives Olive bad news about Bluto, she chooses Popeye.

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