Coraline (2009) — Laika Entertainment Feature Animated Film

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Coraline (2009) - Laika Entertainment

Cora­line (2009) — Laika Entertainment

CotD: From the direc­tor of Night­mare Before Christ­mas, “Cora­line” did not fail to up the scale of creepi­ness in pup­pet animation.

Cora­line (2009) — Laika Enter­tain­ment Fea­ture Ani­mated Film

After mov­ing into a new house with her fam­ily, a girl named Cora­line dis­cov­ers a mys­te­ri­ous world hid­den behind a locked door. That world echoes Coraline’s real life– right down to a woman who claims to be her mother– but every­thing in it is some­how off and creepy. When Cora­line returns to her own dimen­sion, she is hor­ri­fied to dis­cover that her par­ents have been taken pris­oner in the par­al­lel world. Deter­mined to res­cue her par­ents, Cora­line resolves to bat­tle the evil that lives on the other side of her door.

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