Cool World (1951) — Feature Theatrical Cartoon

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CotD: A blend of live action & ani­ma­tion, “Cool World” was Ralph Bakshi’s answer to “Who Framed Roger Rab­bit” ~

Cool World (1951) - Feature Theatrical

Cool World (1951) — Fea­ture Theatrical

Cool World (1951) — Fea­ture The­atri­cal Cartoon

Burnt-out car­toon­ist Jack Dweebs with­draws into his car­toon cre­ations, the Cool World, where sexy “doo­dle” Holli Would uses him to become human. The story fol­lows two humans who encounter Cool World– a par­al­lel uni­verse where car­toons actu­ally exist– and tan­gle with the seduc­tive Holli, an ambi­tious ani­mated bomb­shell deter­mined to escape into three-dimensional reality.

Deebs cre­ated and then is seduced by Holli. Frank Har­ris is the Cool World cop out to make sure that humans don’t have sex with car­toon char­ac­ters, since that act can rup­ture the fab­ric between the two uni­verses. Of course, the rup­tur­ing occurs, and all sorts of free­wheel­ing ani­mated hell breaks loose as car­toon mis­fits of all shapes and sizes invade the city of Las Vegas.

With a thump­ing techno score that includes tracks from Moby and David Bowie and such goofy touches as Holli singing “Let’s Make Love” with Frank Sina­tra Jr., Cool World is def­i­nitely a freaky place to visit.

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