Cool World (1951) – Feature Theatrical Cartoon

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CotD: A blend of live action & animation, “Cool World” was Ralph Bakshi’s answer to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” ~

Cool World (1951) - Feature Theatrical

Cool World (1951) - Feature Theatrical

Cool World (1951) – Feature Theatrical Cartoon

Burnt-out cartoonist Jack Dweebs withdraws into his cartoon creations, the Cool World, where sexy “doodle” Holli Would uses him to become human. The story follows two humans who encounter Cool World- a parallel universe where cartoons actually exist- and tangle with the seductive Holli, an ambitious animated bombshell determined to escape into three-dimensional reality.

Deebs created and then is seduced by Holli. Frank Harris is the Cool World cop out to make sure that humans don’t have sex with cartoon characters, since that act can rupture the fabric between the two universes. Of course, the rupturing occurs, and all sorts of freewheeling animated hell breaks loose as cartoon misfits of all shapes and sizes invade the city of Las Vegas.

With a thumping techno score that includes tracks from Moby and David Bowie and such goofy touches as Holli singing “Let’s Make Love” with Frank Sinatra Jr., Cool World is definitely a freaky place to visit.

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