Cinderella (1951) – Disney Studios Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film

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Cinderella (1951) - Disney Studios Feature Length Animated Film

Cinderella (1951) - Disney Studios Feature Length Animated Film

CotD: One of the classic Disney feature films, “Cinderella” retold the classic story Cendrillon by Charles Perrault.

Cinderella (1951) – Disney Studios Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film

Beautiful Cinderella has been forced by her jealous stepmother and ugly stepsisters to become a servant in her own home, though she keeps a positive outlook with the help of her friends, the chatty mice and chirping birds. When the King and the Duke plan a royal ball so that Prince Charming might find a bride, all the eligible maidens are invited-including Cinderella. Though the ugly stepsisters destroy the ball gown that Cinderella’s animal friends have made, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother sings a magic song, and creates all the things Cindella needs to get to the ball.

Once there, she instantly catches the Princes eye. The spend the whole night together, but it is over much too soon.As the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella races from the castle in a gallant attempt to get home before the last strike of the bell. In her haste, she looses her slipper on the steps of the castle.

With the slipper as his guide, the Prince searches the kingdom for the fair lady. He sends his Grand Duke out to find the one lady who’s foot fits the slipper. Try as they might, none of the step sisters can fit in. They give Cinderella a try, and it fits! Cinderella is broght to the castle, and she and the Prince live happily ever after.

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