The Chinese Nightingale (1935) — Happy Harmonies Theatrical Cartoon Series

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CotD: Though not shown any­more because of racial over­tones, Harmon-Ising’s “The Chi­nese Nightin­gale” is a clas­sic tale from China ~

The Chinese Nightingale (1935) - Happy Harmonies

The Chi­nese Nightin­gale (1935) — Happy Harmonies

The Chi­nese Nightin­gale (1935) — Happy Har­monies The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

A mini-musical, telling in song (through a trio of Chi­nese girls) the fairy tale of a beau­ti­ful nightin­gale, beloved of the Chi­nese emperor, who is glad­dened by its song. The emperor is moved to play his own song.

One day, the Japan­ese send a music box with a mechan­i­cal bird; the nightin­gale feels rejected and flies away to raise a fam­ily. But soon, the clock­work breaks down, and the emperor dis­patches his crow to go look; mean­while, the emperor grows sicker with the pass­ing months. The nightin­gale is per­suaded to return, at which time the emperor sings “Happy Days are Here Again.”

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