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BCDB Upgrades To New Forum

BCDB ForumThe Big Cartoon DataBase announced upgrading their forum to a new software package this weekend, and the new forum went live Saturday morning. The upgrade was also accompanied with a change in URLs, to the new location The changeover went over smoothly, with no major glitches according to BCDB. All of the current moderators and Admins from the old forum moved over to the new.

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Cartoon of the Day: The Sunshine Makers

The Sunshine Makers

The Sunshine Makers

Not a whole lot to choose from today, so I decided to go for unusual. The Sunshine Makers is from Van Beuren Studios Rainbow Parade Theatrical Cartoon Series, and while it may not be the most obscure choice I could make, it is certainly not a series many are knowledgeable of.

This is the story of a community of happy, identical little gnomes who have the ability to distill sunshine into a bottled elixir. Anyone consuming this liquid immediately begins singing and capering about in perfect happiness (despite the obviously radioactive nature of the stuff; it causes an x-ray effect on anyone who drinks it or bathes in it).

In a gloomy forest nearby lives a bunch of misery-loving goblins who only feel good when they feel bad. Seeing the sunshine gnomes as a threat to their way of life, they mount a lame attack on the gnome village. The gnomes fight back by bombarding the goblins with bottles of the sunshine elixir. Soon, the goblins are thoroughly assimilated and everyone is happy.

Originally released as a promotional film for Borden’s Milk, thus the “Borden” script on the title card.

So if you are in the mood to see some early (1935) and unusual animation, pop over to BCDB today and give this one a look… and let us know what you think!

7 Wise Dwarfs (1941) – Walt Disney Theatrical Cartoon

7 Wise Dwarfs

7 Wise Dwarfs

CotD: Re-edited animation from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “7 Wise Dwarfs” promoted the purchase of Canadian war bonds.

7 Wise Dwarfs (1941) – Walt Disney Theatrical Cartoon

Re-edited animation from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” has the dwarfs investing the proceeds of their diamond mine into Canadian War Bonds.

Watch “7 Wise Dwarfs” on video at Big Cartoon DataBase

“Dragon” winner of Humane Society’s Genesis Award

How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon

Dragons, vampires and even some humans took home honors Saturday at the 25th Anniversary Genesis Awards, presented by the Humane Society of the United States.

DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon won in the Outstanding Feature Film category for its inspiring message about tolerance and respect for all living creatures.

The other nominee in the category was The Switch, from Miramax Films.

This year’s Genesis Awards were held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles. Every year, they pay tribute to major news and entertainment media for producing outstanding works that raise public awareness of animal issues.

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Shatner can Klingon to lifetime performing award

William Shatner, Captain James T. Kirk of "Star Trek

William Shatner, Captain James T. Kirk of "Star Trek

William Shatner, Captain James T. Kirk of “Star Trek” and its 1973 Filmation Associates spin-off series, is now where few men have gone before.

He was named Thursday as one of six laureates of the annual Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, the ultimate recognition in Canada’s performing arts.

Beyond the animated Star Trek, Shatner has taken on many other voice roles.

He provided the voice of Mayor Phlegmming in the partly animated 2001 film Osmosis Jones. The 2006 computer-animated films Over the Hedge and The Wild cast him as Ozzie and Kazar, respectively. And in last year’s mini-feature Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey, his was the voice of Core.

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“Chico y Rita” named best animated film at Goyas

"Chico y Rita" named best animated film at Goyas

"Chico y Rita" named best animated film at Goyas

Partly set in Cuba, the Spanish-British co-production “Chico y Rita” was named best animated film late Sunday at the Goya Awards, Spain’s version of the Oscars.

In Chico y Rita (Chico & Rita), Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba and famed designer Javier Mariscal teamed up to create an epic animated love story that occurs around the time of the Cuban Revolution. Highlighting a pivotal moment in the evolution of jazz and traveling from Havana to New York, Chico y Rita is a tribute to the music, culture and people of Cuba.

The film was a collaboration between studios Fernando Trueba PC SA, Estudio Mariscal SA, Magic Light Pictures and IOM Ltd.

For best animated short film, the Goya winner was La bruxa, directed by Nicolais Matji of La Fiesta PC.

Winning nine trophies at the Goya Awards was the Catalan-language Pa Negre (Black Bread), about a family drama in post-Civil War Spain.

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